sobota, 06. avgust 2016

Omnia mutantur nihil interit canvas

Hello! I'm just posting another canvas I made that I hope is enjoying it's new home. Made as a present it has a strong message and continues my Gothic Fairytale story.

Helped by the pale pink this heart acquires some softness. As my usual I invested in this heart by using the Canvas Corp papers.  Great texture and even better patterns. Even totally different combine perfectly and they are super resistant to distress them to the limit you prefer most.

7 Gypsies details are showing in hidden corners of the canvas.

Tattered Angels mists  are always indispensable for me to delineate a nice fairytale background and I love to use  Tattered Angels High impact Black Paint for all my branches, my wire painitng , my sprinkles...

Inevitable stitches...

Have a nice summer ... Enjoy it!

nedelja, 29. maj 2016

Pink heart canvas

Hello again! I have a new canvas to share. It's a long canvas that offers a nice place to the pink heart. Two pieces that belong together, I leave the interpretation open as it can offer a lot of possibilities...


The heart is made out of cardboard covered with some beautiful Canvas Corp paper.  I made a lot of distressing and a lot of 7 Gypsies details: the vintage clip, the metal studs. The branches are made with Tattered Angels Black High Impact Paint.

 In the background Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist. Also this time I completed the canvas with some visible stitches...

I hope you have a great day full of inspiration.

petek, 13. maj 2016

Alis grave nil canvas

Hello everyone! I'm back with another canvas I wanted to share with you. Here is again a heart created with Canvas Corp papers , Tattered Angels mists and paints and 7 Gypsies embellishments.

 The canvas was a birthday present for a friend and I decided to choose a palette of red tons. I offered this colour to the canvas in the shape of papers and mists. I have to admit that red always gives a dramatic touch to my hearts.

I also included a message in latin and I wrote it with wire and High Impact Paints and made some messy spots and drops with it too.

 A nice heart embellishment from 7G...


Also the branches are made with High Impact Paint.

All sewed together ;-)

I hope you like it.

sreda, 06. april 2016

4x4 canvas and something more...

Hello! This time I'm posting a small canvas, a 4x4. I have to say it's a difficult job to work on such a small area. But the message is clear ;-)
I worked with some glimmer mist and some Decor and Diy paint from Tattered Angels. I have to say I love to work with these product - different textures but they combine perfectly! I added some industrial gears from 7Gypsies... The rest is the magic of colors ;-)

I have another thing to share with you. You probably know that I'm sharing my artistic journey with the Canvas Corp brands. We have been together for many years and we still feel an enthusiastic  connection in building projects and creativity. This month they wrote something about me on their blog. If you have time you can read more here. I have to say a big thank you to this fabulous crew that offers me the opportunity to work with such great products and in a very free way. This is the place where I can share thoughts that were translated into paper, paints and small treasures. This is the place, where I can create without restrictions and there is where my art has a window into the world.

Thank you very much CCB!!!!

nedelja, 20. marec 2016

Star Canvas

Hello everyone!
 Here is a new canvas I would like to share with you. This time it’s a star canvas. Not that I’ll quit to make hearts but I just needed to make this one. Of course in the Gothic Fairytale style.

Using simply cardboard for  the star shaped central object I continued with coovering it with two different types of Canvas Corp paper. I just feel these two pattern will get well together. For the background I used some whiteTattered Angels DECOR & DIY paint - a great product to get a great surface to work on. The little branches that are showing beg+hind the star are make with Tattered Angels High Impact paint - Black. I love this product for making them because it really dries quickly and you can add details without making any mess.

 Also the pins head are covered with the same product because originally theey were pearl white and they really don't match the style. The "comets" and the "asteroids" are made with Glimmer mists.

I hope you like this star canvas! See you next time!

nedelja, 14. februar 2016

Canvas heart for Valentine's Day

Hello! Happy Valentine's Day! Enjoy every way of love that make s your life richer!
For this special day I'm offering some love themed inspiration with my Canvas heart. And today not only the base is canvas but also the heart is from this material!


 Hearts are not perfect or better said - they are not intact. Many thing an event can hurt the heart and can produce scars and sporadic bleeding but somehow it stays together and becomes stronger. An experienced heart can offer a strong support and it can always keep it's shape. Just have some thread and a needle at hand and some adequate medicine to help it heal. Enjoy your hearts!

I decided to use a canvas heart from Canvas Corp. I filled it with some cotton and started to give to it some color with different inks. I also teared it a bit and "repair" the damage with some evident stitches.

At 7 Gypsies you can find these lovely apothecary bottles and I love how I can use them in a symbolic way for representing the medicine. I just dropped inside some High Impact Paint from Tattered Angels let dry overnight... I just love this detail!

 The bleeding.... Glimmer mist of course. Tattered Angels invented this product so much time ago but is still so modern and absolutly necessary...

 Smal details? A lovely bird that sings our favorite song, some gears that continue the tic-tac.... All from 7Gypsies.

I had some huge pins but they had a pearl hat. Nothing easier - I just painted the hats with some Tattered Angels Black High Impact Paint.

Have a lovely Valentines Day every day!

nedelja, 13. december 2015

Christmas frosty ball

Hello everyone! Christmas is just arround the corner and here is a little christmas ball I did using some of the 7 Gypsies embellishments. I make these kind of ornaments every year and each one has a different surprise inside but of course something that has a strong symbolism of Christmas.

 This year the surprise is a frosty - glass tree. This is from the / Gypsies crystal collection but it's a perfect tiny prescious tree in my opinion.

Also the gear is from 7 Gypsies and the small piece of paper "DECEMBER 25" is from the Christmas collection from Canvas Corp. I also completed this "clock" with a resin semicircle that I did. It's much more prescious in this way and it gives an extra vintage scent.

The paper for the inside is also from Canvas Corp but the snowflake is a tiny treasure from my moms hands.

Enjoy Christmas time !