sreda, 16. junij 2010

Men at work

The Color room offers a blokey palete and it was a perfect occasion to scrap about Kian's passion for tools and hardware ecc. When he was still baby he didn't like any toy at all but he was soooooooooo intrested in daddy's toys and whenevery Matej is repairing something Kian is always nearby assisting :-) And don't tell him how to do something because he knows it all!!!!

For this lo I used real spanners as masks and spray them with glimmer mist. For the page frame I did some gear maks and cut them out. An old ruler was of the right color!

The big gear is a plastic ne and is from a brokes Kian's toy car. I just painted it and Voila!

For an extra boy touch in tis page I put some sand paper as a background detail...

Having a boy I'm always searching for new ideas as a replacement for the missing flowers.... Sometimes is hard to achive the same richness as the flowers offer but I'll never give up :-)

Have a nice day!

11 komentarjev:

  1. Čudovit LO in ti tvoji krasni detajli :-)) Všeč mi je tudi prejšnji!

  2. COOL!!! Love this love the misting and the sandpaper!!! Bet he love this!!
    Hugs, Hanneke

  3. Res si klasa zase in to kažeš v vseh pogledih. Neverjetno polna idej, ki jih tako fantastično združiš, da se samo smejem in zmigujem z glavo (v pozitivnem smislu). Res si pravi mojster v nadomestitvi rož :) Mislim, da si se veliko naučila od svojih dveh fantov :)

  4. :)) tudi jaz mislim, da tudi ti opazuješ Matejeva popravila :))) orodje ti ni tuje :))

    Super LO. Všeč so mi vsi kovinski "delovni" dodatki :)

  5. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh I love love love love this Jana!! Loveeeeeeeeee the masking and loving the gears!!! AWESOME LO! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  6. Love this one Jana.....The masking is Fabulous!!!! Great gave me some inspiration to go and play!!!

    Thanks for stopping by my Blog and leaving me such a wonderful comment!!!

    Wishing you a great day!!! :-)

  7. I just love your eye for detail Jana!Beautiful matching colors and that sandpaper is so cool!Loving all the masking and misting!

  8. Wow Jana, I LOVE your layout!! GREAT masking and misting and I adore the way you used real tool for a mask!!
    So sorry for you that you miss using flowers...

    Yesterday I received the gorgeous tag you made for me! THANKS sooooo much, I LOVE it!!! You are too kind!! I will take a picture of it and show it on my blog in my next post!!

    Hugs, Jenneke

  9. Dokaz, da znaš tudi ti uporabljati orodje ;) Super dodatki, domiselni kot vedno. Tudi sama imam podoben problem z nadomestitvijo rož pri 2(ups, treh!) fantih ;) Včasih popustim, tebi pa super uspeva ;)

  10. Very cool LO, Jana! Love how you used the tools as masks!

    And thank you SO MUCH for the beautiful tag! That was SO sweet of you & I just LOVE it!

    Big hugs...