četrtek, 30. september 2010

What is your favorite fictional character?

We have a great fave thing to scrap at the TAAFOMFT: favorite fictional character. Noooo doubts for me here: The polar expres crew: I simply adore this animation and I love the story, all the time immerged in magic but still just a pinch scary, just enough to drive children's (and I'm one of them :-)) immagination and feelings deep in this fantastic jouney!!! I think I've watched it thousands of times and that music and story still surprise me everytime I enjoy it! The pocket watch was the perfect background, always showing something to midnight....

And we are changing things up a bit around FAVE THINGS!!! We are now going to choose our winner by using Random.org so everyoneb that plays along have a chance to win and we will now be showing all the lo's/projects on a slideshow when we announce the winner! Isn't this great!
And don't forget that this time there is a 20$ gift certificate that is waiting for the winner!!!!
D E L I S C I O U S !!!!!!!!!!!!

10 komentarjev:

  1. Fantastično, super to izgleda in 'sneg' da piko na i celotnemu izgledu.

  2. I can NOT tell you HOW inspiring this is!! When I saw it last night when I was getting the post ready, I remembered how much I LOVE this movie and I put it in for Brookie right away (she had never seen it before....)....she LOVED it!! YAY!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee this Jana!! You are AMAZING! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. This is gorgeous, will you list the products you used?



  4. O, Polar ekspres! Midva s Tejem se nagneteva pod deko in uživava v vsaki minuti! Hvala, da si me spomnila, mislim da bo na sporedu takoj ta vikend!
    Izdelek pa spet popoln!

  5. Čuuudovita urca! Kot vedno so vsi tvoji detajli fenomenalni!!!
    Ali si tako prijazna in pokukaš k meni, kajti naredila sem moj privi LO.
    Oceno, prosim :-))

  6. ooooooo, noro... spet, kot vedno - popolno. ne morem si zamisliti, kako toliko detajlov preliješ v tako skladno celoto.

  7. This is just perfect, I looove it!!! I must tell you that I've never seen the Polarexpres! So it's on my list right now!!

  8. I love this movie and I LOVE your lo... such wonderful details... it's just delightful....
    {{hugs}} Michelle

  9. Love this Jana! So beautiful!Love the details, like the snow and the little bell, just amazing!

  10. Koolska ideja z uro in junaki noter. Pa sneg in lučke in ... na vse si mislila.
    Tudi v naši družini je to prav poseben film, ki ga radi pogledamo.