petek, 10. maj 2013

I've got a right to be wrong

Hey everyone! I'm dealing nowdays with a moody wheather and I'm just running from one project to another. I have a lot of work with our children's theatre group but also my scrapbook ideas pretend to come alive and they are waiting in line.
I have planned to have some classes in Spring but I'm reorganizing them to start to spread my new "Gothic Fairytale"style. For everyone who wants to attend my classes in Slovenia please contact me at I plan to start with the classes in autumn because now I have a lot of projects pending and no necessary time but I hope you'll join me in autumn.

Here is my latest LO: "I've got a right to be wrong". I'm still in my Gothic Fairytale atmosphere and just a pinch of colour.      


Some details....

I used the  Sizzix Movers & Shapers Magnetic Die Set 2PK - Mini Butterflies Set and this time I covered the cardstock with some fabric to get this striped butterflies. I think they get their best in this way...

Of course..... some stiches....

I hope you''l continue to be by my side on this journey. New things are coming......

10 komentarjev:

  1. This is so beautiful.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  2. Tale tvoj Gothic stil me vedno znova navdušuje in LO je fantastičen. Se vsekakor prijavljam za delavnico, upam samo da na ne bo v prvem delu septembra, ko sem na dopustu :)

  3. Beautiful !
    Have a great week end
    :-) Nina

  4. Čudovito in malo drugačno, ker ni barvito.

  5. Jana, zopet cudovito izdelano in cudovita tema....zares mi je vsec in se tudi jaz prijavljam na tvojo delavnico. Komaj cakam!

  6. I'm in love with this layout. Some people say scrapbooking is not art. You just proved all those people wrong because I would call this page art with not a single doubt in my mind. It is stunningly beautiful and oh so creative. I'm going to follow your blog and greatly look forward to new post