torek, 20. oktober 2009

Homemade knight

It was a hot autumn day and Kian wanted to play the "knight against dragon" game. In the middle of the game he said: "But mommy i don't have a knight's helmet!" and so I invented the aluminium foil instant super knight helmet and one shovel for the sword! He had so much fun and he felt he was a real knight.

5 komentarjev:

  1. Definitely a knight in shining armour :) A fabulous page hun :) Hugs, Steph xxx

  2. Just found your blog from everyday scrapbooks. Love your style. Love this layout. your inspiring.

  3. It's all the time a pleasure to see Your art.

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  5. truly beautiful... I love the 'card' you put on the lo.... and that photo of Kian... omg... just too too too precious... love this lo!!! Tell Kian he is one very handsome knight...
    {{HUGS}} Michelle