ponedeljek, 12. oktober 2009

Prescious person...

I was ill this week and I had a really bad time and I'm still not feeling ok. And sometimes it seems that certain people just feel that you need something to bring you up. I already mentioned in my blog Michelle and how talented is she. But beside this I want to put the accent on her generosity and thoughtful things she do. Today I receved a package and I immmidiatlly found out that she was the sender. I opened the package in a hurry and I have to admit that I was truly touched. She send me a beatiful card (that it was obviouslly one of her wonderful creations) with a friandy mewssage that help me to fell better instantly!!!!

Than she send some blank cards that you can see coming alive in this video. I can tell you that I already said to Michelle how I liked them but having them in my hands it's totally different: they are so elegant but worm at the same time and they'll take part to ma collection of special things for sure!

But this is not it!!! She added some great clear stamps that I'll use immmidiatly in my next LO and look at the beatiful images she chose!! Everything I love with a lot of swirls that I adore.

And there was also a card from her sugar girl Rainee that is always her companion in her videos and the star of the "doggy show"!!!! Look how cute is this card.

I just can't belive how some people are just connected and no distances can be a problem. Thanks Michelle for being the person that introduced me in this beatiful scrapworld and thank you for being a wonderful friend. You'll be in my thoughts and you made my day a great day!!!!!!

P.S.: Also Kian receved a little dinosaur egg that is already in the water growing!!!! He just keeps controling the dino growing!!!! And he says: "THank you Michelle and Rainee!"

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  1. My grandfather was born in 1912 in the village HEIDENSCHAFT, Julian Alps, at that time Austrian Empire. My mother was born in that same village in 1941, when it was Italian with the name AIDUSSINA. From 1947 that village became Yugoslavian and from 1991 it is Slovenian with the name AJDOVŠČINA.
    Horrors, crimes, mournings and a lot of borders changings had crossed that village through the 20th century, but since 2007 it is possible to go from Austria and from Italy to that village without hurdles, because Slovenia entered the European Union.
    I hope some day all borders histories may become like this.
    Best wishes to You and to all Slovenia!

  2. Jana... thank you for your lovely words... I'm glad my package was able to cheer you up and I hope you are feeling much better now!!! I'm so glad Kian likes his dino...

    Feel better!!! {{BIG HUGS}} Michelle & Rainee