sreda, 25. avgust 2010

Tags, tags, tags....

Yesterday I was thinking what to make for two girls, acctually twins - Maša and Urša - you know, just to pamper them a little as they showed appriciation for my paper world and I wanted them to have something to remeber when they'll return to Ljubljana. So I came with the idea to make tags and I was immidiatly in!
I decided that the theme will be love because they are "already" 9!!! And here they are: different but with the same spirit.

And you know what? I was thinking about all of you that visit my blog and leave such sweet comments that mean so much to me and I couldn't resist not making another two for you!!!! I was thinking about my blog as a living creature and the truth is that it lives just because of you, that dropp in and feed it with love. I have to say thank you and I'll keep saying it forever. Hat down.
If I could I would make a tag for everyone that enters in my world. I can't do this but I offer these small two thank yous for two of you that will leave a comment. And tell me which is your favorite! I'll pick the winner on the 4th of September.

Thank you friends! Hope you have a wonderful day!

9 komentarjev:

  1. Ostajam brez besed, takoooo so lepa :-))

  2. Tako lepi tageci!!!!!Težko bi se odločila kateri je lepši!Pa vsi so tako zelo dodelani, vsak zase je umetnina!

  3. YOU are soooooooooooooooo AMAZING Jana!!!! I just love love love love love love these!! That one with the wood grain is WOW GORGEOUS! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  4. these are soooooooo beautiful... I love love love the theme... they are wonderful!!! And I think my fav is.... 'it's a love thing'... have a lovely day... {{hugs}} Michelle

  5. Love your tags, and I know they are GORGEOUS!!!! The girls will live what you made them!! And so sweet to make 2 extra and give them away!! My fave is the happily ever after one, love that heart!!!!!!

  6. Tvoje delo mi je zelo všeč. Si prava mojstrica scrapbooka!
    Ko bom velika bom tudi jaz znala vse to:)
    Tagi so vsi zelo lepi, najbolj pa mi je všeč drugi.

  7. LOve these tags Jana! I love them all! The girls will be delighted!I all ready have a tag and it is so beautiful, a lot of work and love you put in there!Loving the techniques!
    And thank you Jana for your inspiration!!

  8. Prekrasni tagi, najljubši pa mi je drugi po vrsti!

    Sicer pa ostajam ob tvojih umetnijah redno brez besed ... samo gledam in uživam. Fantazija!

  9. Itak da so vse stvari, ki pridejo izpod tvojih rok zakon...tile tagci tudi! Ljubši, če že moram, pa je drugi.
    Res si mojstrica in inspiracija, da sem tudi jaz začela s scrapbooking, še posebej z vintage look-om. In mi je zelo všeč.


    BTW: kdaj boš spet imela kakšno od tvojih vintage delavnic. Zadnjo sem mogla preskočit, ker sem imela druge obveznosti.