četrtek, 17. september 2009

New cabinet

OK.....I have to admit that I'm just crazy about pieces of furniture that are a kind of surprise, that pieces that you never expect to be used as part of house accessories. So, we had an old amplificator for bass guitar (my hubby's music patrimony) that was waiting in our attic to be used as a new idea.

Matej and I finally decided and put everything out of the box and cut the proper lines, add some elements for the doors and installed a shelf. The trasformation was completed after I repainted it and...Voila!!! Here is a perfect secret place!!

3 komentarji:

  1. Haha, super!
    Dobra ideja!
    Pa imata eno skrivališče samo zase... vajin trezorček:)

  2. Tole pa je odbita ideja! Je pa res unikatna in super dodelana!

  3. Jana - - you are so clever!!! I love it! I know my nephews would go banana's over this... will have to think about something like this for Christmas... you're awesome!!!
    {{HUGS}} Michelle