petek, 11. september 2009


The other day Kian was playing in his room and suddenly I realised that everything it was a littlee bit too quiet as ususally I always have to listen to screaming and distroying sounds from Kians room. So I went to check and I took part to one of the most tender and sweet moments ever. Kian put two of his toys in bed(the two ones that have the privilege to sleep in his bed with him) and he covered them with a blanket (actually it was a cover for a pillow that he found in his cabinet :-) ) and he was sitting nearby and "reading" a book!!!!! He was so sweet mumbling the story from his point of view! I immidiatlly took the opportunity to catch the moment for eternity!

3 komentarji:

  1. Spet sem ostala brez besed in samo uživala v pogledu na povečan LO in harmonijo med dogodkom in izgledom.Res je bogatstvo, če takšni trenutki ostanejo za vedno!

  2. Ful dobra fora s pavsom ... sem morala dvakrat preverit, da je res pavs :)

  3. how absolutely adorable is this... it touched my heart... I love the fact that he's telling them a story... it's something that will last forever... too too too sweet... I love it... I love the lo you did too... it's so gentle and sweet... it's so lovely... everything about it is perfect!!! BEAUTIFUL!!! {{HUGS}} Michelle