petek, 15. oktober 2010

What's your favorite animal (pet)?

A lovely challenge at the TAAFOMFT: fave animal. Everyone has one! I love to have pets in my house. I think they give a prescious contribute into our lifes. I can't think my life without it or I can better say without them because there are always a lot of pets in my house. I choose to make a tag about my cats (yes, I could chooose Chili, my chihuahua, but she is not a pet anymore, she is a human in fur). Right now we have three cats (Menta, Cookie and Muffin) because you know what they say: cats are like cookies - you can't just have one! I've always had cats and I adore these animals: their elegant walk, their headstrong character and their dreamy purr.... Her majesty the cat!

Here's Menta (Mint)....

Her's Cookie...

Here's Muffin...

And here is the house we made for them this summer...

So, tell us what's your fave animal???

4 komentarji:

  1. I am also passionate about pets, so I have 3 dogs.
    I love your tag, it is wonderful.
    I loved the house cats, it's amazing.

  2. love the cat tag... and that house .... how adorable it that!!! {{Michelle}}

  3. I so LOVE your tag Jana!And I love your cats! Beautiful pets!
    That house is wonderful!

  4. I love your tag and your cats are so beautiful!! And i love the house you made them!!!