sreda, 29. december 2010

Favorite scrapper

We have a new challenge on the TAAFOMFT for a great start of the year: Favorite scrapper!!!!!

I have to say that I have no doubts here: my very favorite scrapper is Ingvild! From the moment I came accross her blog I didn't miss a post and I was immidiattly amazed about the results of her ideas and hands: she is able to lay a romantic and genuine dream on the paper and her creations are gentle and profound pieces of art. She inspires me and drags me to explore the paper world. She is the queen of the paper world!!!!

Thank you so much Ingvild for sharing your paper journey with us!

And now you: who is your favorite scrapper? This is a perfect chance to make a special tribute to the person that inspires you and you can participate and maybe even win a prize at the same time!!!!!

There is another important thing you will not want to miss: we have a


happening!!! If you love this special place as much as I do and enjoy to create about your fave things go here and take a chance! We can't wait to have new and fresh scrappers that will make our TAAFOMFT house even more exciting!!! We are waiting for you!!!!!

Paper dreams to all!

ponedeljek, 20. december 2010

Altered ornaments and more...

It was still autumn when I saw two flatted ball ornaments at IKEA just for 50 cents. They were red with just a few white spots and perfect to richly decorate them and use them as a kind of a christmas treats for unexpected guests. I grabbed many packeges and some days ago I dressed them as I wanted: white cracle paint, glittery swirls, satin bows, warm wishes and a pinch of distressing. So simple but I have to say they fully perform their mission and bring smiles on the people faces.

I wanted to share another thing: a few days ago girls from a challenge blog named CRAFTY PANTKY contacted me, asking me if I wanted to take part to their alternative Christmas tree challenge, with my Christmas trees as a inspiration for the contestants. I have to say I always have fun with cooperating and I was immidiatly in. So, if you have a different christmas tree, you can participate to the challenge or in alternative, you can visit their blog for some inspo and there's a lot in there. Thank you so much Crafty pantky girls, I'll be arround and have a merry merry Christmas!!!!!

I also have to remind you that at the TAAFOMFT we are running a chllenge with the fave LO!!!!!!! So, hurry up and look up into your files and find which one was the best in this year. Tell me if this is not easy and fun!!! Here is mine....

The prize is great and remember: the winner will be picked randomly = a lot of chances to win!!!!!
Paper dreams to all!!!

četrtek, 16. december 2010

Santa's surprise hat

Do you remember the surprise witch hat? How could I've missed to make a Santa's hat with the same purpose??? The difference is that this time the hat is covered with red fabric. I also made some distressing touches to it with acrilyc paint. Some extra embellishments give to it a more festive note but it remains traditional at the same time.

The surprise is a Christmas tree made from paper lucky stars that I made from music paper. A reindeer is flying around it, announcing, that someone special is coming to town (I hope you've been good). Some sparkles of glitter and shiny stars are necessary in this time of the year, aren't they?

Paper dreams to all!!

sreda, 15. december 2010

Egg carton tree tutorial

Do you want a really simple idea to make a tiny Christmas tree (another????? :-)). Here you are: a tree made out of the egg carton container: simple, fast, coreographic!

Step 1: Take an egg carton and cut the center like showing in the photo.

Step 2: Cut the four cones and keep also the ends of it.

Step 3: Cut the ends in half to get four additional pieces.

Step 4: Position the cones one on the other with a light pressure. If you want you can add a bit of glue to make it more firm.

Step 5: Cut the four remaining pieces into a triangle.

Step 6: Apply them at the bottom of the tree with some glue.

...Voila! Your tiny tree is done. Proceed with decorating!

I hope you like this fast and simple idea! Have a great day!

nedelja, 12. december 2010

Custom Christmas ball

Do you remember my surprise Christmas Ball? Well, a person send me an e-mail telling me that she immidiatly fell in love with it after seeing it and if I can make another one for her. I said that it was possible and if she can tell me something about her, just to make the second one a little bit different and more personalized. She said to include a little plane and that was enough for inspiring me! In fact this one is similar to the first one but different at the same time. The part I love the most is actually this little airplane flying arround the tiny tree....

I'll be back soon as I have 3 projects on my table to finish, of course, Christmas themed :-)

Have a nice day!

petek, 10. december 2010

Christamas mail box

I already saw these wonderful mail boxes to adorn. In fact you can buy them but I was too anxious to start and I just make it on my own out of chipboard. I thik they are simply irresistable and you can myke them as perfect Christmas gifts. Who wouldn't be happy to receve on e of these?
The funny thing of this one is that I wanted to cover the vine branches with snow and I just took some white acrilyc and mixed in some UTEE and when dry it looks just like snow. Of course the addition of some blinks makes it more prescious and I see it like sun that is shining on cristal white snow.
I decided to hang some christmas balls on the branches and I used grungeboard because is rigid and resistant in time.

It's logical that a mail box can't be empty. I'm always excited when I find something in it (of cvourse not bills :-)). I created a mini using old envelopes.

Also for this mini I used a ribbon banner that I already talked about and as I said here is a tutorial how to do it. It's soooooo simple but has a great effect in my oppinion.
You'll need:
-large ribbon
-a stripe of cardstock
-glue stick

Step 1: Apply the glue on the cardstock.

Step2: Apply the cardstock on the ribbon.

Step 3: Cut out the extremes of the banner.

Step 4
: Now you can give your ribbon the shape you want.

I hope you liked it and use it in your projects. Have a nice weekend!!!!

nedelja, 5. december 2010

Lace Christmas trees ...again

Hi everybody. I was busy again with cutting the curtaain :-) and there are two new lace trees. The only difference is that this time I sprayed them with glimmer mist to make them green because my mom loves green christamas trees and these two are going strainght to her home. I added two paper stripes with her favorite christmas songs: White Christmas abd Let it snow. Of course, glitter and blinks in abundance!!!! I tried to put some red on them but it just didn't fit somehow... so, they are more like forest christmas trees. Maybe I'll find something red to put on them...

Thank you for stopping and have a great december full of goodies!!!!!