sreda, 18. april 2012

Do you remember my cardboard bunny? This time I made a similar project in another shape: a cardboard heart. You can see how mists donate a prescious touch to a simple cardboard shape. The Party Pink Glimmer Mist seemed to me perfect for this heart and the glimmer always surprises me with the unexpected placing- like two subjects are creating together: the glimmer and me!
Also the wire touch is essential in this project to make the heart more intresting. It's a simple thing to do and you can use it in million different ways: a birthday card with a message on the back, as a home decor, as a photo holder.... and more.

Have a great time and love and spoil!

četrtek, 12. april 2012

My Love

Hello everyone! How are you doing? I'm spending time doing some new things in these rainy days. I have a new challenge and I love it: I'm making the illustration for a book and I admit I'm totally in this project and beside this I'm also making some pieces of the scene for our next children play so I'm quite busy. At the same time I just love to dedicate some of my time to make a new idea.
Here is a heart, all covered with die cuts - locks. It's almost a romantic 3D card because I also put a heart shape tag at the back for a note! I love also these vintage metal combo from Making Memories and the Tim Holtz touch! Maybe that key will unlock the heart?

Have a nice day and make some new things!

ponedeljek, 2. april 2012

Happy Spring

Here's an idea how to recycle a cardboard box. Cut a desired shape out of the cardboard and make several of them using the first one as a pattern. Glue them together and decorate. It's easy, you do some recycling and the result is a nice and warm home decor.

So, don't throw away the cardboard boxes!!!! Go and invent new friends!