nedelja, 7. december 2014

Christmas Fairytale Little Red Queen Christmas tree

Hello everyone. Let's continue our Christmas Fairytale with a super simple project! A cute christmas tree made up from.... christmas presents. Of course they are fake but don't tell anyone!!!

If you want to make this kind of tree you just have to glue together some sqares of cardboard and than wrap them in pattern paper. I used some really lovely red and white paper from Canvas Corp. I used some rope and some wire also from Canvas Corp to replace the classic ribbon. 

The decoration s are up to you. I suggest small ones to keep the gifts visible.  Remember that you can make the packages in the size you want depending on what size you want your tree to be. be continued...

četrtek, 4. december 2014

Christmas Fairytale Icy Tree

Here is my third project that continues the Christmas Fairytale. It's an icy looking tree but I would said that there is also a pinch of whimsical atmosphere because all that swirls, dots and stripes, don't you think.

I always want to make something in a new way and this time I used something that is typically for fall but in the end the tree looks a real winter queen. I decided to use the Sizzix Bigz Die - Tattered Leaves  and display them in the tree shape using a simple paper cone for the base. I've cut out many leaves from the Canvas Corp papers:  Farmhouse Christmas on Ivory, Blue &Ivory Ribbon Stripe, th Black &White Love Newsprint, the Tan &Ivory Mini Dot Reverse and I also cut the leave from the Tattered Angels Mistable Papers Soaker and Corduroy. Many leaves that make a nice dimension.

The base of the tree is made with cream burlap from Canvas Corp. It was only necessary to add a turquoise bow.

 On the leaves, to make them stronger, I used the crackle paint, some white acrylic for the traces of snow and some glitter and small shiny stars.

I also made some swirly and put them in between the leaves to make the tree more intresting and full. Some of the swirls are enriched with the Dome Studs from 7Gypsies and I also glued on the tree some crystaly from the same brand.

The tag is from the Farmhouse Christmas Tags on Ivory paper. You get a 12 x 12 with a lot of tags and use them in many projects. They are so nice!

An icy tree for you and me.....

To be continued......

sreda, 3. december 2014

Christmas fairytale Winter Wonderland Surprise ball

I'm back. I'm continuing the Christmas Fairytale and I have another Surprise ball to share with you. This one is Winter Wonderland...

As for the first one also this one is covered with some odl already ruined curtain and painted with some semitransparent acrylic paint and Champagne Glimmer Glam from Tattered Angels will give  to the new creation an old look.

 For the inside I got a big help from my mom. She did the tiny christmas tree and the snowflake. Both are enriched with crystals and the little tree has also the dome studs form 7Gypsies representing the Christmas ornaments. Alittle snowflake is floating arround the christmas treee helped with the wire from the metal hardware from Canvas Corp.  I also cut out a wreats from the same paper and put it on arround the button on the top of the ball.

I cut out the phrase from the Winter Wonderland out of the Stripe on Ivory paper and distressed it. I also added a pinch of glitter on every tiny snowflake. Also this time I used the canvas circle form Canvas Corp for the base where the tree is standing.

Also this time: to be continued....

torek, 2. december 2014

Christmas Fairytale - I'll be home for Christmas Ball

Hello everyone! The countdown has begun and the Christmas ornaments are already decorating my house but there are some that are yet to come and I want to share them with you. Today will begin my...  

Let me introduce my first Christmas Fairytale Surprise ball: I'll be home for Christmas.

Who doesn't know this beatiful son and trhis unique feeling – to be at home for Christmas!!!
The ball is just a simple plastic globe, the ones you buy at the craft store but covered with some odl already ruined curtain and painted with acrylic paint and Champagne Glimmer Glam from Tattered Angels will show a new creation that looks old fashioned and prescious.
AT Canvas Corp have some beatiful Christmas papers that just let you feel the old fashioned Christmas. I cut out the phrase from the Farmhouse Christmas Stripe on Ivory paper and distressed it.  On the outside I added some twine and of course some Christmas ornaments. I took also the Apothecary labels from 7Gypsies and made the number 24 and framed them with an industrial gear that almost seems a clock – always from 7Gypsies.

As you open the ball there is a tiny treasure. A small home…. I made it using the papers from all the three brands: The blue on Ivory for the base, the Postale paper from 7Gypsies and the Tattered Angels Mistable paper – Satin for the roof. Everything distressed and the roof covered with some transparent crackle paint for an extra icy look. I again used the apothecary labels for making the windows and the door and a dome stud on the front, both from 7Gypsies.

The inside of the ball is covered with stripes of Blue on Ivory CC paper and a nice lace that my mom made and blings. The bottom with the French Script CC paper as well.
The tiny home is standing on the canvas circle form Canvas Corp.
So this is the begining of my Christmas Fairytale….


…to be continued…