sreda, 30. marec 2011

Hatched Easter wishes

I've already told you how easy is for me to make some projects expecting any kind of holiday because the ideas just pop into my mind and having already the symbols to include into the projects seems just so simple to me. ....and eggsshells are so nice and versatile to use and decorate, don't you think?

In this project I used real eggshels that I've painted in pastel colors. The bottom shells are filled with moulding compound. I've put a wire inside before getting hard in the way it could support the upper half of the eggshell. Pretty simple with a great effect.... Some flowers, a bow, some hay and ..... Voila!!! ....the easter wishes are hatched!!

I thing some more easter projects are already waiting in my mind to be realised :-)

Have a great day and follow the inpiration!

ponedeljek, 28. marec 2011

Scrap the boys

I'm taking part of the current challenge on Scrap the boys. I love this blog as I have a boy and I find great inspo for boy LOs in this place. I'm always trying to find new stuff to make my boy dedicated pages more attractive and dimensional. This month challenge is to capture a moment in your day that you want to remember, part of your daily routine or a specific day or moment that you want to remember.You then need to use that time/date as your layout title. I picked some photos from a lovely day when Kian and dad were playing with a lollypop. It was one of the most beatiful moments. It was the 2nd of October 2010.

Have a great day and make fabulous mamories enjoying your life!

četrtek, 24. marec 2011

Welcome spring

Spring offers us a lot of inspiration. The blooming, the colors, the tiny animals flying arround again. When they reapear I feel how much I missed them and enjoy the warm sun.

The last idea is a waking up of a spring flower: from a bud to a marvelous (Prima) rose. They grow from eggshells that preannounce Easter time. I just kept some eggshells and fix the wire in the middle and put some hay in them. The base is just a box covered with pattern paper and extra embellishment (Tattered angels, Prima, Theresa Collins)

Can you feel the sprounting?

ponedeljek, 21. marec 2011

Birthday wish

First day of spring and last hours of my birthday. It was a wonderful day. It started with baloons in the kitchen and living room and colorful candles on a yummy lemon cake. After a quick blow and many sweet kisses from my boys my hubby surprised me taking me out for a romantic breakfast. The day was a perfect dropping of great and marvelous surprises: my house filled with the ones I love, handmade presents, fragrant flowers, fulfilleed whishes, good food and important, unforgetable words written on paper or on my screen.

A birthday always brings my mind to consider what are my true wishes... This year I realized that I don't want one of my wishes to come true but I want my already fulfilled and most important wish to persist in time. And this LO is a gift I made myself to me.... Happy birthday Jana, may your journey give you the possibility to become wiser and may your eyes see the happiness in the ones you love!

"I want my wish to last forever"

Thank you.......I love you!
Have a great day!

nedelja, 20. marec 2011

New baby card

I decided to make a card for a newborn baby but at the same time I often want my cards to be a tiny gift at the same time. So I make it using two pieces of chipboard covered with pattern paper to make it stable as a standing ornament or a hanger for the baby's room. Besides this I used the internal part of the card for the baby's birth information and used the back of the card for the dedication.
I used an antique blue for this baby boy and put the initial of his name on the front to make the card more personalized. A piece f lace and a feather wing that symbolizes the little angel. I used some gauze that remindes me of the cloth diappers for the newborns and a diapper clip - just necessary for a baby card.

Have a great life little boy!!!

petek, 18. marec 2011

Follow your dreams

Follow the colorsof the rainbow, the good feelings, a presentiment of nice surprises. Follow new experiences and their lessons, follow happy hearts and intresting souls. Follow the beating of your heart and the inner voice.... Follow your dreams.

Here's my take on the last palette of The Color room. There's been a lot of time from the last one. I felt inspired by the blue palette and by the photo of my little treasure. A lot of Prima things in this LO and some home printing... Wires for dimension. I cut the leaves and covered them with the Rock candy crackle paint. I love when a boy LO still keeps some tenderness.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy it with the ones you love!

ponedeljek, 14. marec 2011

Favorite pastime

It was inevitable to put down "Spending time together" as the current challenge on the TAAFOMFT is Favorite pastime. Every day I really enjoy when we are all three together,...ehm...four if I count our chihuahua as she is a full member of our family. In fact everything seems better, easier and more beatuful when our family is together. A perfect way to spend and invest my life!

And you... what is your favorite pastime? What do you like the most doing? We are curious and want to know it and impatient to see it on paper!!!! Have a great day and...paper dreams to all!

sreda, 9. marec 2011

Pastel hangers

8th march is a day, a normal day that gives us the opportunity to show that we care about those persons that are part of our lifes, that complete it and that help us to make it more simple and intresting at the same time. Every single occassion is good in my oppinion to show our appriciation and it's even nicer if the little gift is handmade.
I decided to use some pastel colors for the hangers to give some extra power to the upcoming spring. The initials are covered with glitter to remind us that every woman has a specific shiny lie that gives warmness to people that encircle her and a soft bow as soft as a woman's heart is.

Have a great day!

četrtek, 3. marec 2011

Birthday globe

I love making something different than a card for birthdays. I'm always thinking about something new and something durable at the same time and something that can be a nice home decor.

This project was make for a little girl for her 2nd birthday. A birthday globe. A little girly cupcake preserved in a ball on a base. I covered half of the globe with some book pages to create a safe haven. I used some hay at the bottom to give to the little cupcake a nice and tender support. The cupcake is made just with pattern paper, some styrofoam, a lot of flowers on the top and a little candle (that is not a candle but a polymer clay stick and a piece of thin line glued on the top). A tiny baby shoe completes the small bow. I love the different old pink shades playing in this projects. Here are some details...

I want also to remind you that on TAAFOMFT is going on a nice themed challenge: FAVORITE FEATURE and I find this one particulary versatile because you can scrap a lot of things and it can be a layout, a card, an altered item, a mini... whatever you want to create as long as it has to do with your FAVE FEATURE!! And remember to take a look at the wonderful ideas that the 2nd DT group created... Marvelous!!!!!! The winner wil be delighted with a special prize!

So.... Happy birthday Emi and....... Paper dreams to all of you!