sreda, 24. junij 2009

Artist :-)

For everybody that enjoy creating it's just so nice to see how your child begins to express himself in an artistic way. It's so nice to see now Kian making faces , planes and his favorite drawings - robots. He's quite good in making an almost perfect triangle and squares and he enjoys when he can just make some messy work and use a lot of color!!!

nedelja, 21. junij 2009

Layout owner wanted

If your name is Maja and you have a fabulous blog named POLIPAP CRAFTER where you amaze your fans with fascinanting creations, you are a great comentator and you always spend nice and sweet words that make me happy, you have a wonderful son named Tej, you like travelling and have a beatiful family and you are a great blog friend than please E-mail me your address !!!

P.S.: Maja, hvala za vse!!! Majhna pozornost za veliko žensko!

sobota, 20. junij 2009

Getting bigger

Kian is growing so fast and he really enjoys imitating the adults. We have so much fun looking him and everyday brings something new. Well, the other day he felt like being a cool driver and he had so much fun with mom's sunglasses that were slipping down of his nose.

And a closer look:

petek, 19. junij 2009


Sometimes happens that somebody just surprises you with a nice gesture and in that moments I'm very thankful. This time the little gift is dedicated to Jana, a collegue of my hubby, that offered her help and I immidiatly felt like making a small present for her. So I made this little mini book where she can keep some of her favorite photos of her family and write some special memories.

nedelja, 7. junij 2009


Cookie is inviting everyone for a Challenge. You have to follow this sketch:

I decided to make a layout of Kian's different playing. In fact he never loved the blocks but on the other hand he is making fabulous constructions with little trucks, shoes, cartons of milk,.... He is really a special boy.