sreda, 30. september 2009

Is this the polar express?

Lately Kian discovered the Polar Express movie and he is watching it again and again. He loves it so much that everything now is realted with the polar express and Santa! This was also a good reason to go to see an old locomotive that is in our town and he immidiatly asked: "Is this the polar express?" A good chance fo a new LO.

I have to write also about something sweet and tender that happened yesterday. In the evening I was watching with Kian "Shrek". We were enjoying the movie and htan arrived the scene where the princess Fiona is on the bed waiting for her "knight" to save here. And at that point Kian suddely said: "Mom, look, just like you!!" And I had no idea what he was talking about and I asked him what is like me and he said: "Look, a princess, just like you!!! I can only say that it melted my heat. I have the most prescious thing in the world!!!!!!!

torek, 29. september 2009

I won!!!!!!

I just want to give a special thank you to Stephanie that always makes great surprises and this time I was the lucky one!!!!

ponedeljek, 28. september 2009

Three but one

This is my last LO and I really like it because it's the idea of "Three but one" or "family" with other words. For the word three I just simply used some wire and I also tried to spray on chipboard letters to obtain the word one. This vintage kind of LOs are just my favorite lately!

petek, 25. september 2009

New scrapbook frame

This frame was made for a baby boy Jaša May as a gift for his christening.

četrtek, 24. september 2009

Personal trailer

Every time when the sun still shines we immidiatly go out for a walk and lately we take with us also Kian's little tractor and he enjoys going down the hill with it!! On the other hand in some parts, where the road is not particulary smooth, we met a new profession: personal trailer!

Yesterday was the first day of autumn and also Matej's birthday. For this occasion and because he is an autumn boy I decided to make a cake that was fall themed, In fact my hubby doesn't like cakes so I made a rounded tirami su cake and he was so happy eating it. I had to make also some cupcakes for the little ones because as you knoww tirami su is made with coffee. I opted for some lemon autumn cupcakes!

četrtek, 17. september 2009

New cabinet

OK.....I have to admit that I'm just crazy about pieces of furniture that are a kind of surprise, that pieces that you never expect to be used as part of house accessories. So, we had an old amplificator for bass guitar (my hubby's music patrimony) that was waiting in our attic to be used as a new idea.

Matej and I finally decided and put everything out of the box and cut the proper lines, add some elements for the doors and installed a shelf. The trasformation was completed after I repainted it and...Voila!!! Here is a perfect secret place!!

sreda, 16. september 2009


Kian got a bike for his birthday and he's so proud when driving his new BMX. If we'll have luck and the sun will shine in autumn we'll enjoy having nice bike trips.
In this LO I used the embossing technique I saw at Michelle's blog and I had so much fun doing it. Try it!

petek, 11. september 2009


The other day Kian was playing in his room and suddenly I realised that everything it was a littlee bit too quiet as ususally I always have to listen to screaming and distroying sounds from Kians room. So I went to check and I took part to one of the most tender and sweet moments ever. Kian put two of his toys in bed(the two ones that have the privilege to sleep in his bed with him) and he covered them with a blanket (actually it was a cover for a pillow that he found in his cabinet :-) ) and he was sitting nearby and "reading" a book!!!!! He was so sweet mumbling the story from his point of view! I immidiatlly took the opportunity to catch the moment for eternity!

četrtek, 10. september 2009


The summer is almost over and there are still some photo memories I have to put in my LOs. The last one is about Kian's summer favorite workouts - jumping on the trampoline! He enjoyed every single moment on it and actually it was hard putting him out!

sobota, 5. september 2009

New knobs

I already mentioned that we redecorated Kian's room and now everything is dino-style. Well, in addition I changed also the knobs. I bought some small dinos and made a hole and put it on the cabinet's door and drawers with screws and nuts. Pretty easy! I can tell you that Kian was super extited and I'm happy with the final look too.

petek, 4. september 2009

Let's bind it!

Today is the 13th anniversary of our love and I recived a very desired gift from Matej. I have to say that every year Matej just finds the right gift for me and I'm so thankful as he puts so much effort in finding every year something that really surprise me!!!! Here is what I got this year.Yupiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!

On the other hand I'm a little bit stressed these days because Kian went to kindy for the first time and even if he is in the kindy just tree to four hours I have to admit that is a shock for me and for him too. So we will take this month of attending kindy as a trial and than we'll decide what's better for everyone. You know that you must try new things in life but some of them are just..... difficult! I was so confused that I forgot to take some pictures the first day (as I wanted to make a LO) and so I found a new idea for a LO that I decided to make in the next days.
I hope that you have a wonderful time....