torek, 30. avgust 2011

Fun with friends

I restarted to invent LOs with colors that I wouldn't pick without the proposal The color room. Nice and warm colors were perfect for making a LO that catches the sunny day that Kian enjoyed with his friends. I had so much fun sitting on the swing with 5 boys and making photos going up and down :-)
What I especially like on this LO is a pinch of artificial moss that gives to the page a great "playgroundy" look and just perfect for boy-pages.

This is my quick post and enjoy the last summer days.... That's an order :-)!!!!! I have to enjoy them too so I'll put down more lines when the weather gets worse :-)

ponedeljek, 22. avgust 2011

Altered candy machine

Long time no see....... I was away from my blog for a long long time but this summer was full of enjoyable projects, nice migrations and relaxing hours chatting, playing, meeting special persons. Sometimes we just need a break to fill our batteries full again and I think it is time to restart enjoying paper and I HAVE to restart visit all the marvelous places on the net that I used to. Sorry for my absence.....
This time I altered a candy machine. This is meant for a gift, for a special, sweet person and the candy machine is the appropriate idea, don't you think? I paited athe machine with white crackle paint. I used some fake ice cubes on the bottom of the bowl and covered them with Prima flowers. The word "sweet" is mounted on a stripe of acetate and everything is finished with Prima vines and trinkets.
I love the idea as it gives immidiatly the feeling of the sweetness... of the soul.

Let me continue my adventure and you are all welcome again my friends!