ponedeljek, 26. september 2011

My Scrapbook classes

On 8th and on 29th of OctoberI'll have scrapbook classes in Ljubljana.
If you feel creative and want to join me in this journey please e-mail petramilitarev@gmail.com
The first class (8th of October) is
"Shabby chic layout"
The second class (29th of October) is dedicated to Altered art
We'll create a Surprise Basket.
Join me!!!


Tudi letos, smo si rezervirali dve soboti za ustvarjanje! Vabim vas torej v TakaTuko v Ljubljani, kjer bodo potekale moje scrapbook delavnice. Delavnici sta namenjeni prav vsakomur, ki se ne boji škarij, lepila, papirja in dobre družbe, z izkušnjami ali brez. Slikci malenkostno razkrivata kako bo izgledal končni izdelek.

Shabby chick layout

Sobota, 8. oktober 2011
čas: 10. 00 - 13.00
lokacija: Taka Tuka, Vodnikova c.30, Ljubljana
oprema: s seboj prinesite lepilo (pištolo z vročim lepilom, škarje, čopič, črnobelo fotografijo
Za vse ostalo je poskrbljeno. Ustvarile bomo prekrasen romantičen layout, poln nežnih elementov.


Košek presenečenja

sobota, 29. oktober 2011

čas: 10.00 - 13.00
lokacija: Taka Tuka, Vodnikova cesta 30, Ljubljana
oprema: s seboj prinesite škarje in čopič

Ustvarile bomo prekrasen romantičen košek in osvojile tehniko oblikovanja rožic.

Kotizacija: posamezna delavnica znaša 35€, v kolikor se udeležite obeh, znaša kotizacija 60€. Kotizacija se poravna na tečaju. Prijave se sprejemajo na mail petramilitarev@gmail.com do zasedenosti mest. Pridružite se nam!

petek, 16. september 2011

Featured on The color room

YAY! Another feature on The Color room!!!!! I'm sooooo happy. Thank you so much!

nedelja, 11. september 2011

Million times...Thanks a bunch

Hello everone! Here is my latest project to say Thank you to a special person. I had the idea to make something that symbolizes a neverending gratitude and this tape dispenser seems to me that represents it the best. I've covered the tape dispencer with some book pages and painted with Distress cracke paint and softened the edges with some Distress ink. I've made a long "Thanks a bunch" tape using just regular paper, Prima stamps and SRM stickers. I love the idea that there are several Thank you-s to remind someone how much I appriciate the gesture. A wire hols the word "million" and a Prima Trinket hangs from it. The little bird was covered with some acrylic paint and sprinkled with embossing powder and let dry without heating.

Have a great day and be thankful for special things and persons arround you!

petek, 9. september 2011

Halloween pumpkin

Hello everyone! How are you? I hope fine. I'm ok except I'm polka dot patterned these days :-) I have an allergy and I have no idea what was the cause and it's the first time for me. I'm a little bit sleepy because of the pills I'm taking but I just wanted to make something. Inspired by the first fresh and colder brezzes I immidiatly thought about pumpkins, falling leaves, harvest...... HALLOWEEN! And here it is : a surprise pumpkin. I had the idea to mke it out of bandages when Kian asked me if he can be a mummy for Halloween and I considered that the two things are related somehow. The colors I decided to use are acid green and intense purple and soft orange. I just adore that combo and I decided to use them also for my home decor this year so you can expect my next halloween creations in this palette.
You already probably know I love to make a surprise effect and I've made the pumpkin that splits in half and inside there is a small message and some place for some candy in a way the kids will have to open it to grab the sweets.

Have a great day and enjoy your creativity!

ponedeljek, 5. september 2011

Can't take my mind off you

Yesterday was an important day: my hubsband and I had the 15th anniversary spending time together. Yes because we don't really celebrate our wedding annivesary but we prefer to remember the day we started our adenture. So what we've got? Some experience, bad and good harvests, a little big dream come true, unexpected changes, a few wrinkles, almost perfect knowledge of each other, chasing goals and neverending long conversations and after all this..... I still can't take my mind off you....

I wanted this LO to remember a magic place in the woods, peacefull but still very intresting for spending time and searching for something new, like our relationship. I used a lot of artificial moss for the bed of the photo. Some gentle pastel flowers to put an accent and to make it more romantic and fairy and vines that intertwine the title.

I love the different result of this LO. I hope you like it and there's just another pic.... A long time ago......

Have a great day!