sreda, 19. september 2012

Shabby Pumpkin

As promised today I'm back with a new Halloween project fresh out of the oven. This is the third version of a halloween pumpkin and this one is like you can see in Shabby chic style. This one is made out of smashed paper shaped into a ball, covered with diapers that are soft and admit to shape  the object into a pumpkin. Everything is than covered with some bandage and white acrylic paint. It is obvious that the ornaments do almost evrything but I love this contrast between the ruined base and the rich toping. The appropriate pedestal completes the perfect Mrs. Pumpkin. 

I hope you like it and feel inspired..... See you next time!

torek, 18. september 2012

Stary Halloween

Here I’m back with some more fall-Halloween inspirated projects on Tattered Angels blog. This time I used the Canvas Corp Canvas stars to make two star shaped decorations for the 31st of October. In this case the final result is a combination of two shades od the same color. It’s easy to do and it gives to your projects an imperceptible result that has a lot of dimensional power : first of all you spray the surface with the color you want. Once the surface is dry you position the mask or the screen and spray over with the Ivory or White Chalkboard or Basebord. The great coverage of this two products make the base color softer and bring out the screen image in a very delicate way.

Enjoy the fall colous and I'll be back tomorrow with a new Halloween project!

petek, 7. september 2012

Recycled curtain pumpkin

Hello everyone! Here I am with another pumpkin that I made using an old curtain. I covered it with many mists but first of all I used a primer to make the pumpkin more stable and to have a kind of a crust. I used the Canvas Corp White Waxed Cord to wrap the stalk and also the CC paper for the message inside the 7 Gypsies  Clear bottle and completed the ornaments with some ribbon, some Prima flowers and a Vintage pin from 7 Gypsies. 

For this project I used:
*Glimmer mists (Abominable Snowman, Graphite, Dragonfly, Pumpkin Spice)
*Chalkboard teal High Heel
*Baseboard Ivory
* Simply Sheer Teal

Have a nice day!

ponedeljek, 3. september 2012

Ruffled pumpkin

I decided to make a pumpkin made of blended autumn colors for this month theme at Tattered Angels: color theory. I made the ruffles and glue the on a ball that I just made out of alluminum foil. I covered it with white fabric and  than I used some Glimmer Mists ( Candy Corn, Sunflower, Postcard, Sugar Maple), Burlap Simply Sheer, Charcoal Chalkboard on a ruffled organza. The colors cover perfectly the fabric and remain perfectly bright.

For the pumpkin stalk I used just a piece of an old sage branch...
For this project I used also the Canvas Corp Chocolate jute cord and Crystal ring Dangles and WATCH FACE from 7 Gypsies.

I have something more to share with you. Today is a very special day because it is the first day of school for my little boy and here he is, waiting for new adventures.... Time really flies.....

See you soon with more autumn tastes :-)