ponedeljek, 24. november 2014

Flower canvas

Hello everyone. Here is my third and last canvas for this year. It's a flower with an idea :-)

The background is covered with white acrylic and spryed with different Tattered Angels mists. I used the Warm green color and the walnut. I used this last mist also to distress the flower once it was done. For making it I used three types of Canvas Corp paper because is strong enough to not get smashed after misting and it keeps the shape. I choose the Diamond, the French Script, the Nespaper and the Polka Dot pattern. I used pieces of paper even on the back of the teared canvas.

The branches are made with Tattered Angels High Impact Paint and with the same paint are covered even the pieces of wire that continue the branches. The little industrial gears are from 7Gypsies and the metal hardware is from Canvas Corp. As usual there is a dark glow and some stitches, a must already.

I 'm planing a little surprise at the begining of December so keep coming! A great day to everyone!!!

petek, 14. november 2014

Poison Mashroom Mixed Media Canvas

Hello everyone! let's contunue with the november canvas taste. Here is my second mixed media canvas that is folowing my Gothic Fairytale style: the poison mashroom:

This time I decided to use canvas on canvas. In fact I used this great material to make the mashroom hat and the feeling was like having a canvas on canvas - very nice! Of course many elements on this canvas had to receive a help from the Tattered Angels mists, paints, glazes... Every piece had to receive it's story. And so I used the Glaze to make the little fork appear more distressed. I made the leaking mashroom syrup :-) with the High Impact pait because it stays glossy and keeps the syrup look.

For the mashroom stem I simply used some patterned paper - the Canvas Corp Black and White Diamonds. It's a resistant paper and it truly resisted the smashing and shaping. Great one!

The fairy background is adorned with Tattered Angels Glimmer mists and some texture paste. The hat has also some accesories: the 7Gypsies industrial gears and the vintage pin that hold the Canvas Corp tag. There also the Canvas Corp pins and Metal hardware thet is almost necessary in everything I make. And also in this canvas is preset the wire as the continuation of the roots, also made with the Tattered Angels High Imapact Paint.

And here is the final touch - my favorite: a secret apothechary bottle (7Gypsies) that is the mushroom secret weapon. 

I hope you like my canvas and the metaforic elements in it. See you next time with another canvas!

ponedeljek, 10. november 2014

Follow me mixed media canvas

Hello evryone! November is here and this time it will be canvas themed. I found my inpiration in this art white fields and they are so versatile that you can go on with creating for hours. Well her is my firs november canvas: Follow me!

I used a Canvas Corp canvas where you can find lots of sizes of them and burlap as well. For the heart I used a base of cardboard covered with Canvas Corp papers. I have to say they are very good for distressing and I found surprising especially the Blue and Ivory Mini Dot Reverse paper beacause when you blend the ink on it the white doots go brown but the blue color resists and creates a very cool effect. The other two papers are from the same brand: the Tan and Ivory Ribbon Stripe and the Black and White Diamonds. The embellishments are from 7Gypsies: the mini key, the vintage pin, the optical lens and the industrial gears.

The background is created with a generous base of white acrylic.  The branches are made as always with Tattered Angels High Impact paint thet stays glossy and resistant. Everything is completed with accents of Glimmer mist and straining of Glimmer Glazeboth from Tattered Angels. The corners of the canvas are stamped with the 7Gypsies stamp Abundance (maybe a coincidence ;-)) from the Christmas Greeting set.

This time I wanred to complete the branches with the Canvas Corp wire from the Walldeorative hardware box. I added the Black Imapct paint also here to make them more creepy and less wirely...I love how they continue to expand the canvas project out of it's space...

I hope you like this canvas because more are just about to follow. Have a nice day!