nedelja, 26. julij 2009

I wanted to share another LO with you. It is about being mom, reciving a gift and being greatful for a simple, fantastic, tiny moments.

četrtek, 23. julij 2009


I've got an order to create a LO for a birthday. It's a little bit strange when you have to do a layout without knowing the person but I found it quite funny. The only things I knew about the person in the picture was the name and that she likes green.... So here it is and happy birthday Sonia!

torek, 21. julij 2009


In every relationship love is always evolving. It's an alive creature and the most surprising and misterious thing and reveals many aspects of itself when you become a parent. A child brings out of us everything we are - the truth about us and the most beatiful gift we can give to our children is to be better persons.

Well, from the moment Kian was born he had a dad that is totally dedicated to him and tries to spend every moment in a most joyful way. Thank you Matej for being such a wonderful father!

nedelja, 19. julij 2009

Afternoon nap...

I have to tell that Kian doesn't like sleeping. Already when he was a newborn baby he didn't want to sleep and he was awake almost all day!!!!! And also now, when he will turn three next month, he's making problems when is time for the afternoon nap. So, to avoid fighting with a (terrible) two year toddler (that has no sense), I foud this alternative way to make him sleep during the day. I bought a little candy machine and I told him that when he sleeps, a mouse comes into his room and leaves a coin under his pillow (yes, I have to be always allert and remember to put it while he is sleeping). So, when he wakes up he can put the coin in the candy machine and as an award for being a good boy, he gets a candy. Most of the times is a success!! So this is what is my layout about.

The next layout is somehow connected with the previous because I have to admit that the candy escape sometimes doesn't work for misterious reasons and the next LO is showing the consequence!! He felt asleep in the middle of the day while drawing!!!! Is this happening to you too?

petek, 17. julij 2009


Hi everyone! I wanted to add something about my beach mini album and recycling. So, as I also wanted my album to have a sea look I got this small idea. I used a net bag (the one that contained some sea toys in the shop - yeah that one that we immidiatlly open and throw in the garbage) I cut it and I think it gives a sea-fishy look. I'm also thinking about applying some tiny sea snails houses that we brought from the vacation. What do you think?

Yesterday evening I spent some time in front of the tv and as usual I couldn't help myself not doing something while watching. So I made this paper flowers. It was funny doing them and I like the gold distressed edge.

I used one of those paper flowers in my new layout that is dedicated to my mini friend Chili. She is so cute and I have to tell you that she is with me since I was going at the university and she was always with me but she was a little bit snob and she tolerated just a certain amount of cuddling. Well, since Kian arrived she changed a lot. She is constantly following me and she wants to be in my arms (even now when I'm on my computer!) But she is the best!!!

četrtek, 16. julij 2009


I finally found some time and realised the mini album of our summer vacation I had in mind. Actually I was looking for something transparent and blue for the covers and the pages and I bumped into an old folder that was just pefect and had a good structure for carrying everything. I cut it and I have to say that I'm pretty satisfied with the final result. I just love when I foud an easy way to recycle and make something beatiful out of old forgotten things!

četrtek, 9. julij 2009


Today we are having a party in the afternoon and the reason for that (do we really need a reason????) is Jakob's birthday. Jakob is my best friend's son and he turned 2 yesterday. I didn't gave him the gift yet but theres no risk that he sees the gift before the celebration as he usually visits other pages :-) and needer his mom because she just phoned me telling me that she is very busy preparing the cake!! So...happy birthday Jakob!

nedelja, 5. julij 2009


I'm back. We arrived home after great holidays on the island of Pag. It was nice to set us on off and seeing a lot of new things and teaching Kian new things. Of course Kian was in the sea swimmingall day long and it was hard keeping him outside although he was tired and already freezing!!

This is my favorite view.....

We got a nice gift from nature....

Having fun in a simple way....

Exploring the sea.....

Having nice evenings in the sunset....
Of course I'm going to make an album to remember this beatiful moments.
I wanted to share also a LO that was done allready before the departure!