nedelja, 30. januar 2011

Big news and fave game!!!

There are some big news over These are a few of my favorite things. You probably know that there was a DT CALL to find other talents that will enhance the challenges. And I have to announce that now we are in 24!!!! I'm so excited to see a lot of variety, new ideas, different styles and I'm sure there'll be a waterfall of inspiration!!!!!
And we are going on with the challenges and here is the next one: FAVORITE GAME! I was thinking a lot which game to choose and than I decided for the most important one: LIFE! Life is surely the most important game we play and sometimes we are lose and sometimes we are win but the important thing is to follow our dreams and be prepared to go on. In this LO there are some things that keep reminding the rules: the two indicators for the limit of time we have, the big sign that reminds us in what way the game goes, the heart that determinates the direction and the duration and the wings and the devil's horns to accept that we are only humans.

So, play your most important game than better that you can and meanwhile don't forget to play also at the TAAFOMFT!!!!!!!

sreda, 26. januar 2011

Family tree

Here is my new project. I decided to make a family tree and it's a perfect idea for a baby gift. The trees are made in two colors: a pink for a girl and a blue for a boy.
The base of the tree is made from paper mache and I used some artificial cotton and painted it with green acrilyc color to make the puffy clouds for the crown of the tree. There are of course distressed paper frames for the names to be put on. The trees are completed with Prima flowers and a ribbon arround the trunk and a few pearls.

There is still some space left on the trees to add more names. I hope you like it and ... Paper dreams to all!

petek, 21. januar 2011

Birthday cake #2

Another birthday another chance to make a birthday cake. This time a little bit more of pink and a wide ribbon that has almost a wafel pattern and it's just perfect for this project. Other things are just preety much like on the first one. This time I also added the name with 3 dimentional color to make it like on real cakes.

Also this time I used a toy lamp to reproduce it in moulding compound and of course I kept the "make a wish" inscription.

I mailed the cake yesterday and I hope it will bring a smile on the face of this special birthday girl !!!! Happy birthday Polona!!!!

sobota, 15. januar 2011

Favorite quote

This time was really a challenging work on the TAAFOMFT! In fact we had to choose our favorite quote!!!! I have to say I have an enormous ammount of quotes that I love but I wanted to make something different from a LO this time and the one I choose seemed just perfect for this heart shaped project.
I did the heart my self and covered it with gauze and lace. I've adoperated some glimmer mmist to reach the worn red color and I have to say that in RL the heart has a significant shimmer wich gives it a prescious look. The wires are placed like a sort of stitches and of course a lock, indispensable to protect our hearts.

In the heart the lace background gives the right conditions for the little seed to sprout and the soft flowers are its protection. The key is placed with a bow and it's waitting for the perfect situation to be donated to unlock the heart :-)

Have a nice day and remember to submit your favorite quote because there is a Niki Sivils goodies!!!!

Paper dreams to all!

sobota, 8. januar 2011

Birthday cake

As I promised I'm making this post about a birthday project and here we are: a scrapbook birthday cake. I made it for my super friend Katja and I was even more happy for her because she told me that this year she had other desserts but not a cake for birthday and this made the scrapbook cake even more appropriate, don't you think!?
This birthday madame is "filled" with puffy pom poms and satin ribon and has a glittery glaze on the top and instead of sugar roses there are obviously some Prima flowers.

If you are not new on my blog you'll certantly know that I love my projects to hide some kind of internal surprise. I just love surprises and I love making them even more! I self made a tiny Alladin lamp that will make her wishes come true.

I already know there will be other occassions to make similar presents and I have to say I enjoyed making it!
Have a nice day and....paper dreams to all!

petek, 7. januar 2011

The best thing....

A new LO and this time I decided to make the layers more profoud and I've put some cardboard in between them. Here is not very visible but I love the effect of the elements popping out. It's to the darker ones and the vines make the page softer.

It's nice to make some new LOs after a lot of time spending on other projects but tomorow I'm coming back with another non-LO project suitable for birthday gifts, so, don't forget to come back tomorrow!!!!!

Paper dreams to all!!!!