sreda, 31. marec 2010

Together as one

It's a fact that my husband is Kian's favorite toy. Everyday when he returns home from work and enters through the door and has still his shoes on and Kian is already screaming: "Daddy, we will play now, aren't we?". Matej can't even put his briefcase down when he hears that sentence and Kian repeats this question several times also while Matej is eating his lunch. After that he is immidiatlly there, prepared for some boy games that sometimes I hardly understand :-)

For the flowers I followed the Gabrielle's tutorial and I have to say that those flowers are awesome. Thank you so much Gabrielle, they'll become part of my scrapbook laguage!

petek, 26. marec 2010

Relaxin' together

I don't know if it happens to you but Kian several times enjoys to watch cartoons in company. He always likes to discuss what is happening and dance if there is some music and I think his oppinion is that there's no point in doing it alone. And usually I have to accept two packages as Kian and Chili are always competing fot my attention.
As you can see I used a lot of crackle paint and I love how they mix together. For the butterflies I just stamped some on a book page and add some dimension with acrilyc paint. I also put some glimmer mist on a wooden butterfly but the sparkly effect is not visible on the photo.

In the end I have to thank again all the girls that took part to the classes in Ljubljana and it was such fun making some memories keepers together! Thank you girls for such a good company!!
You can have a pick of Petra's mini on her blog and Andreja's too! They are simply gorgeous!!!!!!

torek, 16. marec 2010

Mom's make-up artist

Every child loves colors and everything that can color and so Kian can't resist when I'm putting on my make-up. He adores to put some blush on my cheeks and the lip gloss on my mouth This two are his favorites. So as we are speaking about make-up I could use some of my pink stock. In this LO I love the border stamping and in this case I used some acrilic color on the stamp (of course I had to wash them immidiatlly after use!). So, how many of you can say that have a personal make-up artist??

sobota, 13. marec 2010

This post is dedicated to some special moments that happened today. It was the day of the "Vintage LO" class and I had so much fun and I have to admit that many times I had goose bumps. The reason is that I met some fantastic women, friends. I had the honour to met some of the bloggers that I'm in touch with and now finally this project to meet each other became reality.

We met at the Taka-Tuka in Ljubljana and I have to say that the ambient was so colorful and bright that inspired us even more. Thanks Petra for inviting us!!!

The girls went for a scrapbook class but in fact you can see how talented they are from the LOs. It was fascinating how we all had the same kit but the final results are so different one from another.

Here we go: The firs one is Katja's LO and she dedicated it to her son Jakob. She combined the elements to create the perfect photo focus effect!

Maja's LO is so tender and she made out to include some hearts for her little king. She likes green and brown and she made the perfect combination of the two. She also made a great hand inscription that makes her LO even more personal.

Martina's Lo is a true vintage one and this center-positioned photo with a fabulous mosaic frame. Also the title is just great with the two angel wings!!

Petra's LO is dedicated to her prince Oskar and look how nice are those paws going through the title.Isn't adorable this LO?!

Vladka's Lo is about memories from a special place. She had two photo in one: a normal one and the other that was an aged version of the same photo. She teared the photos and just combined the two pieces. Isn't this a great idea?????

Andreja said that she was at the begining of the scrapbook journey but look at her vintage LO. I like how her photo has a place in the middle of a messy frame!

Špela made a bridge to connect her boyfriend and herself. She made a perfect diagonal combination and made a really intresting LO!!!

And here is mine:

I 'll remember this day and I'm so happy because you all make this our world go arround in a special way and I can't see the time to meet you again!!!!!!! Thank you!

In the end there was an additional surprise for me because I receved two prescious gifts that I'll keep in a safe place and in my heart forever. Thank you Maja, thank you Martina!!!!!!!!!!

nedelja, 7. marec 2010

Inside my world

There is my new LO. I like the photo and it was waiting for the right title. Usually I know the title of my LO immidiatly when I see the photot after I took it but with this one was different. I loved the picture but I was thinking about what are the best words to rapresent it and yesterday my hubby just found the perfect fit!

As a new idea I created Kian's name using the staples and I find thet is something special and so nice for boy pages.

I have to remember you thet you can still join my scrapbook classes in Ljubljana. So if you have a passion for scrapbooking or you just want to start a new dimension of crafting join us!!!!!

ponedeljek, 1. marec 2010

Vabilo na delavnici!!

Z veseljem vas vabim na moji delavnici:
13. in 20. marca 2010 v Ljubljani

Vsi, ki vas svet scrapbooka privlači kot mene, pridružite se mi! Skupaj bomo preživeli nekaj prijetnih uric v pravem ustvarjalnem zanosu!
1. Delavnica:

»My Vintage Layout«
Kdaj: sobota, 13. marec
Čas: 10.00 – 13.00
Lokacija: društvo Takatuka, Vodnikova 30, Ljubljana
Ves material za ustvarjanje dobite na delavnici, s seboj prinesite le nekaj svojih najljubših slik ter škarje za papir.

2. Delavnica:

Mini knjigica iz pisemskih ovojnic
(Altered Art)
Kdaj: sobota 20. marec
Čas: 10.00 – 13.00
Lokacija: društvo Takatuka, Vodnikova 30, Ljubljana.
Ves material za ustvarjanje dobite na delavnici, s seboj prinesite le škarje za papir.

Delavnici sta namenjeni prav vsem, z ali brez izkušenj, ki imate radi papir, štempiljke, dodatke, nove izzive, dobro družbo,...
Delavnici sta sestavljeni iz kratkega uvoda in nato komponiranja v celoto. Predstavljeni bodo načini postavitve in razne ideje, nato pa bomo skupaj ustvarjali, a vsak na svoj način.
Posamezna delavnica znaša 35€.
V kolikor se udeležite obeh delavnic, znaša kotizacija 60€.
V kotizaciji je vštet ves material in kavica &čaj.Prijava na delavnico
se sprejema preko email do zasedenosti mest. Pohitite s prijavo, saj je število mest omejeno.
On 13th and on 20th of March
I'll have scrapbook classes in Ljubljana.
If you feel creative and want to join me in this journey please e-mail
The first class (13th March) is
"My Vintage layout"
We'll make a fabulous layout with a pinch of vintage spice.
The second class (20th March) is dedicated to Alter art
Making a mini out of envelopes.
Join me!!!