sobota, 30. oktober 2010


At the These are a few of my favorite things it's time for another great challenge: favorite sport!!!!! Do you have your favorite sport, passion, necessity in this sense?

My husband and I were never really sport persons as he is a drummer and spends the free time in a dusty place playing drums and I on the other hand am totally obsessed with scrapbooking and I'm really faithful to this passion but I have to say we like to make long walks in the nature almost every day after my husband comes home.
But there is a type of sport we are practicing from the moment Kian was born: weightlifting. In fact we always had to keep him in our hannds because when he was a baby he hated every other place except being in our arms..... Sometimes we were just near to get crazy :-)
...and he still loves it...

I just want to remind you that nowon the TAAFOMFT we are choosing the winner randomly so everybody has a chance to win. No stress, just having fun.

And for the prize, our very own AMY is opening her VERY OWN SCRAP STORE IN LOUISIANA {{{Create 365}}}!!! And within her store she is creating kits... and she is going to provide our winner for this challenge an AMAZING PRIZE PACK!! Make sure to check out Amy's store blog !!!!

Have a great halloween!!!!!

sreda, 27. oktober 2010

Letters for Santa

Kian writes approximatley 3-4 letters for Santa per day!!!! Last year I tried to explain him (like I already said) that you have to think about what you want and than send just one single letter but this year, when he showed he would keep the last year tradition I decided to give up and to enjoy his point of view. In fact there's even more: I made an altered box where I can store all his letters (past, present and future). My son also decided that he will not send his letters by mail but that he will leave it somewhere in the house and scream where he put it so the elfs can hear him and take them directly to Santa without intermediates....
I cut the front part of the box to make a letter-looking front ...

From the top....

A little teddy and a bell for an extra sweet look....

A pile of tiny envelopes...

A croched snowflakes that are just irresistable. My mom is a master of knitting and she will contribute to make my Christmas projects unique and enhanced with her prescious pieces of art. Thank you soooooo much mom for this goodies, gifts!!!!!!! I love them!

On each side of the box there is an envelope. Two of them are just fake but this one has a tag inside. I plan to write a note on it when he'll receive this box full of his letters to Santa as a grown up. I think that receving all your letters after many years can be a nice surprise. This is a long term gift and that makes it even more exciting, don't you think?

The countdown has begun..... I'll have a lot of christmas projects to share this year, ideas just invaded my mind:-)

Have a great countdown.....

ponedeljek, 25. oktober 2010


Sharing is one of the needs humans have. You can see it in children when they call mom or dad to share if something is happening, you can see it when something beatiful tauches our lifes and it can't be as beatiful as it is when shared. It's another strange feature of humans. I can see how sharing is something that is innate in Kian and he always wants to be sure that we are experiencing the same thing and afterwords he enjoys to describe it.
This LO is inspired by The Color room palette. A very feminine selection of colors but it goes ok with this cute pic showing Kian sharing his lollypop with daddy.

Some close ups....

The title is made using a glitter color. I first used the indigo paper to make a sort of a transfer of the word and that I covered it with glitter and made some stitching for an extra detail. I made the white bricks using the polyclay.

The frame is made with some tarsparent pink paper that I first push below the paper frame and sewed and than rolled over itself and sewed again to form a kind of a airy effect.

Have a nice day and thanks for stopping!!!!

petek, 22. oktober 2010

Featured again on The Color room

I'm glad to announce that I was featured again on The Color room or better my witch's hat!!!!! That's great: my two projects being feature for two weeks, one after another! What a blast!

sreda, 20. oktober 2010

Playground passion

A new LO and this time I decided to use some textile background. It's about Kian and his passion for any kind of playground and in fact most of our afternoons are spent watching him having fun in this children areas.

I made some cutting to get the flowers and made some stamping. I decided to use the colors in the photo to make this page.

Some details....

I hope you have a wonderful time!

sobota, 16. oktober 2010

Witch's hat

A new palette of The Color room and this time the colors are perfect for another halloween project, just with a small difference: yellow instead orange.
This is my take on this palette: a chipboard witch's hat.... I love the smashed chipboard for the upper part because that's what a true witch needs. I did some clear embossing on it and some white stamping before I rolled it and a lot of misting for an extra shiny look (not very visible :-( in the pics ).

Some wired shapes... The two stars are looking out of the top checking for some good spells :-)

But there's more: the hat has a surprise: a hidden treasure in it and it could be anything you want to put under it for halloween.... It's so nice to find and offer surprise, don't you think?

Clear embossed stars with blinks. I love how they seem to dance all over the hat surface...

Have a wonderful and creative weekend!

petek, 15. oktober 2010


What a great start of the day! I checked The color room and my LO "My sweetheart" was featured!!!! I'm so happy and you know how I love to add my contribute there because the quality of talent is so elevated as from the DT as from the members.


What's your favorite animal (pet)?

A lovely challenge at the TAAFOMFT: fave animal. Everyone has one! I love to have pets in my house. I think they give a prescious contribute into our lifes. I can't think my life without it or I can better say without them because there are always a lot of pets in my house. I choose to make a tag about my cats (yes, I could chooose Chili, my chihuahua, but she is not a pet anymore, she is a human in fur). Right now we have three cats (Menta, Cookie and Muffin) because you know what they say: cats are like cookies - you can't just have one! I've always had cats and I adore these animals: their elegant walk, their headstrong character and their dreamy purr.... Her majesty the cat!

Here's Menta (Mint)....

Her's Cookie...

Here's Muffin...

And here is the house we made for them this summer...

So, tell us what's your fave animal???

ponedeljek, 11. oktober 2010

My sweetheart

Kian is crazy for lollies. He loves this little award for being a good boy and allthough he doesn't love girly things he makes an exception for the heart shaped lolly. The title was inevitable and it goes right for him and for me....
I used a very soft misting at the back with the graphite Glimmer mist. The heart is made out of the Tattered angels frames. The colors are suggested by The color room with the current palette.

A touch of the past: a letter seal....

Have a nice day and happy scrapping to everyone!

torek, 5. oktober 2010

Halloween haunted houses

We already had a spooky house and my little boy was so excited that we decided to make another one and than another one and than.... We were unstopable and we enjoyed making every kind of houses.
Here is the whitches haunted castle with missing withches :-)))))

This one is acctually pretty simple to do: we just put together some boxes and than colored it with black acrylic color and finally with wood and tile shaped poly clay that I previously baked. And I have to say it's irresistible. The only thing that is missing like I said are some small witches and other little ..... Kian and me are looking in every shop to find something suitable but we can't find any, but we are not giving up!!!!

The next one is actually an altered bird house but still covered with poly clay. The pumpkins and the green hands are from poly as well. The clock is stamped. On the door there is a stamped and embossed skull.

We made also a gingerbread haunted house and Kian is waiting for the 31th to eat it!!!

The decorations inside are ready... I have to wait to get the pumpkins to finish decorating the entrance.