sreda, 22. julij 2015

Puzzle canvas

Hello bloggeres! Another post, another canvas. I feel very productive with this blank surface and I enjoy how it marrys the elements I want to include. This time I decided to make a puzzle initial, just a thought form y friends birthday.

The message for her is to live her life trying to make the perfect life-puzzle for her. It's obvious for everyone that it's hard to have all the pieces right in place to make a perfect picture of life but she can try to slowly shape them to make the puzzle of her life confortable for her. But in the end even if some pieces don't fit perfectly they can still make a wonderful picture.

For the puzzles I simply drawn puzzle pieces on cardboard, cut them out and then covered different pieces with different Canvas Corp patterned paper and cut the paper arround each piece. Than I distressed each piece and used some sanding to make them more rounded.


The embellishment are from 7Gypsies and from Canvas Corp, the background is made withGlimmer mist spots.

 Here is my latest piece but there is already a new canvas under my hands right now. So, see you soon.

nedelja, 5. julij 2015

Initials canvas

Hello!Here is a new fresh canvas I made for friends. I've put together the initials of the whole family and played with some mixed products....

 The initials are made simply cutting out thr letters from some cardboard. Simple, just some pencil dravna letters. Some cuts and then I glued on some nice and lovely patterned paper from Canvas Corp and 7 Gypsies. All in light blue, green and brown. Several embellishments from 7 Gypsies and Canvas Corp. 

 The background is a Tattered Angels Glimmer mist story. I brought the canvas outside and I played in my garden with Glimmer mist rain..... Many colors...

I hope you like it...Have a great summer!