torek, 31. maj 2011

Altered paper cup gift container

I love paper cups and I love walking arround with a cup of coffee and enjoying the world. I was always affascinated of this potential garbage and I always had in my mind that it's a pity they finish in the garbage basket. So, this is the reason that sprinkled me with some inspiration for a gift container and this one is especially suitable for a coffee lover :-)

The painted lid is used as a tray for the tiny paper cake I made using just simple paper embossed with Prima stamps and adorned with Prima flowers and pearls. The cup is covered with crackle paint with some additiona paterned paper, Prima flowers and trinkets, some lace and ribbon and a SRM sticker for an introducing to the gift.

I will surely make some others cups like this and use them as gift boxes.

Have a nice day and thanks for your excellent company!

nedelja, 15. maj 2011

Photo booth shots

Can you immagine to pick one of your fave photos? Just do it because on These are a few of my favorite things we want to see it. We want to see your wonderful captured moments!

My favorite are the photo booth photos. I have to have a photo done almost every time I see one of those machines and I love to have fun squeezing in it :-) Also Kian is aready a fan of it and immidiatly points his finger at it as soon as he see it.

So, go and pick your fave photo..... Can't wait to see it nad you have to check this month prize...... Something super special is waiting for you!

Have a greatday and follow your inspiration!

četrtek, 5. maj 2011

You love chalk

Not finished with chalk :-) In fact I made some pics that I love and I have to say that I especially love the one that I used in this LO because those tiny beatiful hands made a chalk heart appear - can you see it? And that makes the pic also part of the title.
The base is canvas and the corners are adorned with Prima recycled flower base. The gears are painted and I used also some selfmade resin hemisphere to make some elements more dimensional and some real chalks at the bottom of the page.

The inspiration of the colors were guided by The Color room palette #56.

Have a great day and enjoy the colors!

nedelja, 1. maj 2011

Photo Contest

On Scrap Boutique is going on a Photo Contest № 4 Coloured pencils and crayons. It's simple, funny and you have to say that the theme is great! The other day we were decorateting the road with my son and the occassion was perfect to make a picture for the contest. So, here is my take:

You have still time.....

Have a great day!