torek, 27. april 2010

My treasure book

Here's my last project. I came across this old book (an math manual in cyrilic!!!) and the external look of it was just claiming for a transformation. First I was thinking to use just the covers but I wanted the finished product to look just as a book and so I teared some piles of pages to make some space for some flat embellies and glued together the rest of them to obtain chipboard-kind pages. It took a lot of time but it was worth with a lot of gold palette colors.

I made a page pocket with some place for the two tags and the paper flowes provide some space to stick a photo behind them.

The two gold ribbos are also photo/tag holders. I made some heart shaped holes through the page.

I wrote the word "love" with the glue gun, paint it and glimmer misted it!

The silver heart opens up and there are three cirle-tag for journaling. I blocked the pocket with some acetate.

Closed pocket on the other side of the page.

I hope you like it and thank you for dropping by!!!

nedelja, 25. april 2010

Handsome little man

I'm so inspired by the Color room and the inspiration just comes as I look at the new color palette. This time the colors are so fresh and I got this idea to use some threads in several ways. The most challenging thing was to carfully wrap the birdie because the round shape is quite difficult to be covered in every way. For the background I used some truly vintage indigo copy paper and it looks cool to me. I like how Kian poses in this photo like a model and it ispired me for the title.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

petek, 23. april 2010

My globe featured!

I'm so excited as my globe "No place like home" was featured this week on The color room. I'm very honored because the DT girls are just so talented and their hands produce such amazing things. It's nice to find a place with a lot of great scrappers and you can be amazed every day by what ideas are growing in there! Thank you girls!

torek, 20. april 2010

No place like home

I finished ma latest project and I must admit I'm very proud of it. Not only because of the final result but especially because I made almost every piece of it by myself. The idea came into my mind after the TAMFT announced the monthly challenge: My favorite city. I was thinking and I couldn't find ather place that is better than my home (I suppose I have to travel more :-)). Than I poped into the color room and finnally decided for the colors under their suggestion.
I started by making this paper mache sfere and hand painted the world map on it... Quite challeging

To adorn the top of the sphere I made some paper roses and fabric flowers.

The little house is made out of paper and sme chipboard for the door.

I especially like the paper sky...

sreda, 14. april 2010

I joined the Color room - a new online scrapbook site equipped with a very tallented DT. The challenges are about following color palette and a great (this time optional) sketch every week. and the first challenge is the following:

And here is my LO inspired by the palette #1!

And some details....

sreda, 7. april 2010

Rock temptation

We spent some time by the lake a few days ago and we really enjoyed it. At first Kian was a little dissapointed as he could't enter in the lake for a swim but then he found out that there are some big rocks near the lake and he was super excited climbing them. He was into this for an hour and I have to admit that it was quite difficul watching him doing it after a lost tooth and the stitches on his forehead. So I was just all the time standing by and waiting in case we had to run in hospital LOL. But he was enjjoying the moment so much that we had to take the risk :-)