sreda, 30. november 2011

Christmas ball #3

Hello everyone! Finally I'm back!!! What happened? Well I had to take my PC to the computer hospital because one day just nothing happened after switching on the power button. I don't know what is happening because few days before the computer breakdown my dishewasher and washing machine refused to work!?!?!?!
Anyway I'm back and I'm posting my new christmas ball #3. I think making them in this period became part of my christmas tradition. This time I misted the top of the ball and some small Prima roses with red Glimmer mist and add also some pastel Prima flowers, velvet leaves and showered the ball with some tiny crystals. The base of the ball is also traditionally made using glue, gauze and white paint.

I hope my computer will work at least for some days to make some other post of my christmas creations 2011. Keep your fingers crossed :-) and have a wonderful time!!!!

torek, 22. november 2011

Tattered Angels Design Team.....

This is a very special day for me and I am more than super excited because I entered in the

Tattered Angels Design Team!!!!!!!!

When I`ve got the news I was jumping high because you can immagine taht this is like a dream for a scrapbooker like me and all the event is even more exciting because Tattered Angels is surely my favorite brand. I have to admit that this news was a blast and just covered me with new ideas and a looooooot of inspiration.

There are the names of the talents that I am honored to work with in the upcoming year:
Golden Ambassadors:
Nathalie Kalbach – Germany (Design Team Coordinator)
Vicki Chrisman – USA
Alissa Fast – USA
Anna Björklund – Sweden
Anna Dabrowska – Poland
Birgit Koopsen – The Netherlands
Evgenia Petzer – South Africa
Holly Simoni – USA
Jana Korečič – Slovenia (me)
Kaori Fujimoto – Japan
Karine Cazenave-Tapie – France
Lene Neby - Norway
Louise Nelson – Australia
Martha Richardson – USA
Zoe Nemburt - Canada

Thanks to the Tattered Angels for giving me this opportunity and I promise I will work at my best and more!

My dream jouney started and you are all invited!

Have a great week!!!!!

četrtek, 10. november 2011

Altered christmas can

Hello everyone! How are you. Well, the contdown for christmas has officially begun and I'm right into the christmas inspiration that it is my very favorite as you know. In addition this year I'm creating some new pieces because I'll have an exhibition of my Christmas projects in December!! I'll promise I'll share some pics when the exhibition will be set and everything will be ready. Meanwhile you'll see my projects in advance on my blog and here is my first one: an altered can full of christmas spirit :-)

It's a small project but very nice and there's another similar idea is already dancing in my mind :-)

Have a lovely day and see you next time!