ponedeljek, 25. junij 2012

Baby welcoming cupcake

I created a cupcake  to welcome a new baby. Taking of the cream that I made using mod podge and moulding compound, there is a hidden space for the baby’s name and birth date. The trinkets and the flowers make this cupcake even more precious. It's a nice idea to decorate  the baby's room. The bottom of the cupcake is painted with blue crackle paint.


Just a quick idea for this occasion. Have a nice week!

sreda, 20. junij 2012

June on Tattered Angels

 I'm a little bit late with the Tattered Angels post this month but just because I was very busy with our children play and all kinds of conclusion parties that go hand in hand with the conclusion of the school year.

Here are two suggestions for using the same Glimmer mist but with totally different result. The first one is an altered Babushka/Matrioska. I love those dolls and I have find out that they are perfect for putting a small birthday gift just into them. I can assure you that this is a great surprise effect. I covered the original Babushka with a white primer and then painted it with the Glimmer mist Cadillac Pink with a soft brush. The rest reguards your style how you adorn the little girl.

The second project is simple but very nice and I already had this project for a party :-) I just sprayed fabbric with the Glimmer mist and then tear it into stripes. I placed the stripes into a flower shape and added some details and here is a perfect way to make a nice flower for a fantastic hairstyle and with all the colors available you can do many of them to fit the color of your clothes.

And here is the poster of our "Haunted House" children play. We enjoyed playing it and we'll repeat the performance in autumn.

Have a great day and see ya soon!

nedelja, 3. junij 2012

Tattered Angels birthday card

Hello bloggers! How are you? I'm back with my first project of the month right out of the Tattered Angels world and it's glimmery inspiration. This month you'll find tons of ideas on how to enhance your projects doing stencil with the Tattered Angels paints. 
Here is my first take on this theme: a boy birthday card.The background is just a simple piece of white cardboard but with some misting it really becomes a prescious patterned paper. For making this stencil I just used one of those cake paper napkins. It holds perfectly the created center. For this project the Glimmer mist I used is Dragonfly. For putting some accent on the little birdie I decided to color it with Forget Me Not Glimmer Glaze and sparkle some additional glitter on it because belive it or not also boys appriciate if something is glittery and it looks like a treasure for them.


Stay misted! :-)