četrtek, 25. oktober 2012

It's your day to shine

Hello everyone! Here si a new LO with a pic of my little one that was taken on his birthday and this is the reason of the title.I love this pic and the person who really shines out of it :-)
I did the page in white style. I used various 7 Gypsies elements like the Postale paper, Postale stickers and some parts of the Metal Hardware from CC.
A good brush with some white acrylic paint and a sparkle of Charcoal Chalkboard are a perfect combination and there are also some Tattered Angels Glimmer Screen signs.

Very short post this time.... More next time :-)

sobota, 20. oktober 2012

You are so pure

 Hello everyone! A new project..... This is a LO with a photo of my boy that I did some time ago. I love this picture because it express the essence of being a child. I decided to use the image like he is looking down, at the title of the page. I used a Prima trinket for part of the title and make the word "so" from a wire and painted with some white acrylic paint. I also added some painted wire swirls in the centre of the flowers to recall the wire technique of the litle word. For the background I used Simply Sheer Teal and Burlap and for the flowers the Patina and Aquamarine Glimmer mist.

 Thank  you so much for visiting! See you soon!

torek, 16. oktober 2012

1st day of school

This time I decided to make a LO because I had to capture a very important thing on it – my boy’s first day of school!I love to use the blues and turquoises on the LOs for my son because beside the fact that these are perfect boy colors they have a great airy and fresh effect.  First of all I blended the blue stripes with the Chalk Chalkboard. Than I used the Chalkboard Seven Seas for the background spots combined with the Burlap Simply Sheer to get a pinch of warmness. I colored the frame arround my boy with the Glimmer mist  Aquamarine using a thin brush.

Have a nice day!

četrtek, 4. oktober 2012

Invisible witch's hat

You probably already know that I love to invent new projects and this is sure something different to be combined with the Tattered Angels mists and paints. It’s a witch’s hat made out of Canvas Corp wire. I played with the wire by making loops and twirls and There I made an almost invisibile witch’s hat like my son said  when he first saw it. 
I wanted the mist to stay on the wire permanently so I first sprayed it with the clear spray and before it was dried I started to mist the hat. I couldn’t resist to apply with the bruh many Glimmer Glams  and Stained Glass paints that make the hat shinny. In fact in RL it’s a sparkle wire but here is just not visible enough but I can tell you that it is worth trying it! I also misted the little stars and other details.

Tattered Angels products used:
Glimmer mists (Abominable Snowman, Cupid)
Glimmer Glam ( Grandma’s house, Pixie Dust, Twinkle Toes)
Stained Glass (Purple, Green, Dark Turquoise)
7 Gypsies products used: Postale Paper, Amber Bottles, Mini Keys
CC products used: Decorative Wall Hardware

Have a nice day....See you soon!

sreda, 3. oktober 2012

Pale pumpkin

 Days are getting colder and this is the reason we have to get warmer and more kind. It’s time to surprise friends and family with some little present to make the darker autumn days more enjoyable and at Tattered Angels blog we plan a month of gift ideas and autumn inspired projects . My first project was a present for my mom. She likes red and I thought to make a pumpkin in nude colors with a special accent on the shadowing to give to the red embelishments the right importance. I started to with making a ball of smashed paper and than I covered it with …. diapers. Yes, they are perfect to make a soft surface and the shaping of the pumpkin it’s easy. Than I covered everything with the bandage and primer and this step makes the pumpkin hard and you can’t really tell what is it made for. I sprayed the pumpkin with the Chalkboard Sandy Beach  and then procedeed with the lighter colors (Chalk Chalkboard and Ivory Baseboard) to enhance the rounded pparts of the pumpkin. I also used the Glimmer glaze (Champagne, Icicle) to give to the pearls an anique look.

Tattered Angels products used:
Glimmer Glaze (Champagne, Icicle)
Baseboard ( Ivory)
Chalkboard (Chalk, Sandy Beach)
7 Gypsies products used: Gears Gems
CC products used: Decorative Wall Hardware

I'm coming back tomorrow with a second project.... an invisible witch's hat :-) and you are all invited!