torek, 31. julij 2012

Delicate like bird

 Another day...another LO :-) In the shades of purple and lillac for my mom as they are her favorite colors. A beautiful look chasing the movements of a little birdie. I added a wire swirl in the centre on of the Prima flowers. I used the Glimmer glaze to color the pearls that are scattered over the LO to recall the dotty pattern of the background.


Tattered Angels products used:
Glimmer mist Fully Purple
Glimmer mist Black Magic
Chalkboard  Chalk
Glimmer glaze Nori
Glimmer Glaze Icicle

7 Gypsies products used:
Alphabet stickers POSTALE
Mini keys - Antique silver
 Paper Tape POSTALE

Canvas Corp products used:
Lavander & Ivory Dot Paper
Chocolate  & Ivory French Script paper

See you next time!

nedelja, 29. julij 2012

Happy thoughts

Here I am with a new LO. I have to say that with the Canvas Corp papers I have to make some new LO because they are really good and they support paints and glues perfectly. They stay perfectly leveled and creating with them is just so nice. 
This LO is full of turquise shades that are perfect for boy LOs. Flowers however have to be in company of some gears and hardware :-)

 Tattered Angels products used:
Glimmer mist Aquamarine
Glimmer mist Jack Frost
Glimmer mist Black Magic

7 Gypsies products used:
Clear stamps PAR AVION
Decorative wall hardware

Canvas Corp products used
Paper Black & Ivory French Script
Paper Black & Kraft "The Raven"

Have a nice day!

petek, 27. julij 2012

Mommy's flower jar

Hello everyone! Here si a little treat you can do to yourself. This is my second interpretation of the Flower Jar. For those who missed the first one here is the summary and the reason I invented this project: 
One of the most beatiful things being a mom is when your child brings you a flower. What a stupendous feeling is to know that your little creature remembered mom while seeing a flower on the grass. I have to admit that I always felt a little bit sorry for a flowers that my son just brought me. It was already dead in a couple of hours. And I got this idea: I dry the flowers and I keep them in a jar with some drops of lavanda essential oil.
The great thing about this project is that you can use just a recycled glass jar. This one aws full of beetroot just a few days ago and now is a prescious container. My first jar is already full and it's a real homemade pot-pourri and a prescious treasure that my son made for me. 

Tattered Angels products used: 
Plain Jane Simply Sheer - pink
Glimmer Mist - Black Magic
7Gypsies products used: 
Tickets - Vintage
Paper - Black and Ivory French Script
Charms  - Nature
Display trim - Vintage pin, Antique Silver
Crystal - Ring dangles

Have fun and I wish you to receive a lot of flowers for your flower jar!

ponedeljek, 23. julij 2012

Special delivery card

Hello scrappers! Here is a quick post with a card. It a paper canvas marriage and of course the company of some mists. I wanted the flower to catch the colors on the background so I sprayed it with the two colors (pink and blue) and to obtain a pale effect once dried I sprayed all over with the white Chalkboard.


Products used:
Night B4 Christmas Glimmer mist 
Pink Plain Jane Simply Sheer
Chalk Chalkboard
7 Gypsies Postale index cards
7 Gypsies tickets Journal
7 Gypsies Tag inserts Naked scalloped
7 Gypsies Par avion clear stamps
Canvas Corp Canvas flower

That's it for today! See you soon!

sreda, 18. julij 2012

Love canvas

Hello everyone!I'm back with another romantic project: This time I used a 6x6 canvas from Canvas Corp combined with a misty heart that was made with Glimmer mists: Cupid , Cranberry Zing , Afraid of the Dark and some other 7 Gypsies products such as Decorative Hardware for the heart cage and ornaments, Postale paper for the background and Crystal ring dangles. For making the wings I used some wing shaped canvas in different sizes.

Have a nice day and don't forget to spread ...LOVE!

torek, 17. julij 2012

Grungy princess

Do you want to make something for a teenage princess? Well, you obviosly can not make a candy crown ;-) Here is an appropriate alternative for a grungy princess. 

I applied diverse Glimmer glazes on a cardboard crown: Pewter, Java, Mercury Glass, Icicle. The procedure is to dry the surface between  every application of the glaze and in the end you get a great marble effect. For this project I also used Chalkboard Charcoal to cover the tag and some pieces of 7 Gypsies Decorative Wall Hardware.

Have a nice day! I'll be back soon!

ponedeljek, 16. julij 2012

Embossed canvas

Here is my second post for July on Tattered Angels and this  project goes hand in hand with the resist technique. You can find here a video that shows this wonderful way to express your creativity. 
I embossed the canvas banner shapes from Canvas Corp and than I applied the Chandelier Glimmer Glam on a ruller and applied it on the embossed parts. Once dried I sprayed the canvas with the Glimmer mists:Black Magic, Afraid of the dark and Pink Simply Sheer. After dried I covered everything also with a light mist of Chalk Chalkboard. I completed the banner with parts of the 7 Gypsies envelopes Postale.


I hope you like the embossed effect on canvas and I'll be back tomorrow with another idea for a grungy princess.....

sreda, 11. julij 2012

Altered can heart #2

Here is my second interpretation and recycling of a heart shaped tin. This time I started with covering the intire heart with white strong ribbon and then I covered it with a primer. Once dried I started assembling miscellaneous elements and again painted everything with the primer. And then started the fun with using paints: 

Jack Frost Glimmer mist
Tokyo Glimmer mist
Graphite Glimmer mist
Charcoal Chalkboard
Teal Plain Jane Simply Sheer

I used some white wire to make the word LOVE.

Have fun recycling!

ponedeljek, 2. julij 2012

Altered can heart

Hello everyone! Here is another altered project. I have received some of this kind of cans with the chocolate in it for last Valentine's and I decided to take them and store them because they seemed nice for altering. Of course it has to be radically transformed. I just "teared the lid and rolled the parts to simulate the opened can and painted the outside with a strong primer to allow me to proceed with some crackle paint. For the top coat I used Glimmer mist and the result is a glimmer patina.

I still have these hearts... maybe another project with the same base next time....