četrtek, 29. december 2011


It's been a long time from my last LO and I already missed making them. This LO was just waiting to be done and it was done in a surprisingly short time. The base paper was quite girly so I tried to make it more boyish with adding some metal inserts and wire swirls.

I feel very inspired and I have already some projects in my mind for the next weeks.... Have a great time and don't forget to come back ;-)

nedelja, 18. december 2011

Recycled ribbon rolls tree

I knew I would find an idea of how to use my empty ribbon rolls. They were in a box for a long time but finally they are well dressed for holidays. This recycled ribbon rolls tree is a simple idea but when you add some patterned paper, some holiday wishes and some rough crystals it gets a lot of personality and dimension.

I think this one enters in the top ten of my favorite trees. I hope you like it too :-)

Have fun searching for presents and backing for holidays!

torek, 13. december 2011

Altered cuckoo clock

I'm posting another christmas project. This time is a cuckoo clock that my mother wanted to be christmas themed and what is easier than having the idea already there. All you have to do is to follow the inspiration and enjoy in the altering. I added some snowflackes because my mom just loves snow and so this project perfectla fits her style.

If you want you can visit my blog tomorrow because I'll be doing the Paper cup christmas tree tutorial. I'm waiting for you!

petek, 9. december 2011

Paper cup christmas tree

It's paper christmas time! I was thinnking about a new version of the paper tree because I have to make one this time of the year. I knew the idea was arround the corner and then I saw ....paper cups!!!! I started to search the shape of a christmas tree in them and this is the result. I love it because it has a clean design but you can add some warm details with the extra decorations. There are just some small tricks to follow and you can make your own paper cup christmas tree.... Intrestead?

I'll also submit this project for this week Color room palette. You can also check it for some inspiration.

There is still time to make some new christmas decoration...... I'm going to dig some extra ideas :-)

Have a great time!

ponedeljek, 5. december 2011

Christmas can card

Hello! How are you? Do you also have all your home covered with glitter and tiny red balls? I do and I'm sure there some hovering waiting for me after sharing my christmas card 2011. I decided I wanted to do something else instead regular paper and like I've told you I found the can extremly inspiring. This one is a simple project but with a guaranteed effect. All you have to do is to paint an empty can. Take a paper and cut it to fit into the can and distress it using a regal Tattered angels glimmer screen. Complete using christmas stamps and embellishments. Tip: put some pieces of foam behind the glittered letters to make them pop out - it really makes the difference! Insert the key into the can top roll.

There's also a lot of space at the back of the can to write great christmas wishes. I hope you like the idea of my christmas can-cards. Have fun making your own cards and enjoy this great time.

petek, 2. december 2011

Christmas ball #4 and Tattered Angels Color Connection

Hello! Here I am and I want to share another christmas ball with you. This one is a little bit more wintry with its blue shades. I love winter time that goes hand in hand with christmas and creates the perfect atmosphere.

I created a little christmas tree out of small gears from old broken clocks. The little christmas tree is standing on a glittery hill and has a star going arround it. The bottom part of the ball is covered with patterened paper on the inside and of course the gouze covering on the outside (I just can't help using this technique with my balls :-) ) I used also a Pinkpaislee adornment that I transformed it from a hokus pokus style to a winter themed tag. There is a Tattered angels leave chip that I covered with some Glimmer glaze and also with transparent crackle paint and a grungeboard snowflacke. Having all the ball in winte colors there was necessary to put a touch of red - a red and white string.

There are some additional news.... Tattered Angels is so excited to announce some new members to our Color Connections Team!!!! Both of these companies will be such an asset to Color Connections. They both bring so many different opportunities for creative growth to the Tattered Angels table. Please give a big Tattered Angels welcome to:

Basically Bare AND Canvas Corp!!!

That's just super exciting!!!!!!

Have a wonderful day and enjoy creating!

sreda, 30. november 2011

Christmas ball #3

Hello everyone! Finally I'm back!!! What happened? Well I had to take my PC to the computer hospital because one day just nothing happened after switching on the power button. I don't know what is happening because few days before the computer breakdown my dishewasher and washing machine refused to work!?!?!?!
Anyway I'm back and I'm posting my new christmas ball #3. I think making them in this period became part of my christmas tradition. This time I misted the top of the ball and some small Prima roses with red Glimmer mist and add also some pastel Prima flowers, velvet leaves and showered the ball with some tiny crystals. The base of the ball is also traditionally made using glue, gauze and white paint.

I hope my computer will work at least for some days to make some other post of my christmas creations 2011. Keep your fingers crossed :-) and have a wonderful time!!!!

torek, 22. november 2011

Tattered Angels Design Team.....

This is a very special day for me and I am more than super excited because I entered in the

Tattered Angels Design Team!!!!!!!!

When I`ve got the news I was jumping high because you can immagine taht this is like a dream for a scrapbooker like me and all the event is even more exciting because Tattered Angels is surely my favorite brand. I have to admit that this news was a blast and just covered me with new ideas and a looooooot of inspiration.

There are the names of the talents that I am honored to work with in the upcoming year:
Golden Ambassadors:
Nathalie Kalbach – Germany (Design Team Coordinator)
Vicki Chrisman – USA
Alissa Fast – USA
Anna Björklund – Sweden
Anna Dabrowska – Poland
Birgit Koopsen – The Netherlands
Evgenia Petzer – South Africa
Holly Simoni – USA
Jana Korečič – Slovenia (me)
Kaori Fujimoto – Japan
Karine Cazenave-Tapie – France
Lene Neby - Norway
Louise Nelson – Australia
Martha Richardson – USA
Zoe Nemburt - Canada

Thanks to the Tattered Angels for giving me this opportunity and I promise I will work at my best and more!

My dream jouney started and you are all invited!

Have a great week!!!!!

četrtek, 10. november 2011

Altered christmas can

Hello everyone! How are you. Well, the contdown for christmas has officially begun and I'm right into the christmas inspiration that it is my very favorite as you know. In addition this year I'm creating some new pieces because I'll have an exhibition of my Christmas projects in December!! I'll promise I'll share some pics when the exhibition will be set and everything will be ready. Meanwhile you'll see my projects in advance on my blog and here is my first one: an altered can full of christmas spirit :-)

It's a small project but very nice and there's another similar idea is already dancing in my mind :-)

Have a lovely day and see you next time!

sreda, 12. oktober 2011

Recycled ghost

Hello! How are you? This time I decided to do some recycling. In fact several times I find myself admiring some intresting shapes that plastic container have nowdays and sometimes it's a shame they finish in tha garbage without dressing them in something appropriate for their shape. So, I turned this.......

Into this....

I didn't use the lid and I've glued a plastic egg on the opening. Than I covered everything with bandage fabbric. The procedure was a little bit long because I have to wait the fabbric to dry but I wanted it airy but rigid and this is possible only by covering this thin fabbric with some glue mixed to acrylic paint. It looks wavy but it's solid. I've made a hole in it where I've put a nice verse I alrady had. It's like a bizzare entrance in another dimension. All the rest is just a game of embellishments and colors.

I hope you like it and have a great recycling!

nedelja, 9. oktober 2011

Halloween calderon

Hello bloggers! Here I am with another project. This one is perfect for you children as my son is just crazy about it and keeps playing with it. It's a magic calderon! It easy and quick to do too!

I had this little pot that is similar to a calderon. I've filled it with some paper and I painted the surface with acid green acrylic paint and used the same color for painting many little styrofoam balls. I placed the balls on the top of the calderon with the glue gun and than covered everything with some glossy paint to simulate the boiling of the potion. I also covered the stars with glitter and put them into the bubbles to make the word poof! more intresting.

I hope you like it! Have a great day and return back soon!

sobota, 1. oktober 2011

Halloween lamp

Hello friends! How are you? I hope you are fine and I hope you'll like my new project. It was a quick one because this old kerosene lamp already has so much charachter that I didn't want to overflow. This piece was part of our family for a long time but one day we (I don't even remember who) broke the glass chimney and now it was waiting for a chance for a new look. As you see the project is simple. I started with painting the frame at the back with black distress paint and I've put some glass color on the glass. I wiped away most of the color so only some little holes are filled with black color to make it look even more antique. I've put some glittery stars on a wire that simulate a magic explosion out of the burner. I just covered the glass on the back with regular stamped paper and added some ribbon - so easy but I like it.

I'm already thinking about another halloween project. And you?

ponedeljek, 26. september 2011

My Scrapbook classes

On 8th and on 29th of OctoberI'll have scrapbook classes in Ljubljana.
If you feel creative and want to join me in this journey please e-mail petramilitarev@gmail.com
The first class (8th of October) is
"Shabby chic layout"
The second class (29th of October) is dedicated to Altered art
We'll create a Surprise Basket.
Join me!!!


Tudi letos, smo si rezervirali dve soboti za ustvarjanje! Vabim vas torej v TakaTuko v Ljubljani, kjer bodo potekale moje scrapbook delavnice. Delavnici sta namenjeni prav vsakomur, ki se ne boji škarij, lepila, papirja in dobre družbe, z izkušnjami ali brez. Slikci malenkostno razkrivata kako bo izgledal končni izdelek.

Shabby chick layout

Sobota, 8. oktober 2011
čas: 10. 00 - 13.00
lokacija: Taka Tuka, Vodnikova c.30, Ljubljana
oprema: s seboj prinesite lepilo (pištolo z vročim lepilom, škarje, čopič, črnobelo fotografijo
Za vse ostalo je poskrbljeno. Ustvarile bomo prekrasen romantičen layout, poln nežnih elementov.


Košek presenečenja

sobota, 29. oktober 2011

čas: 10.00 - 13.00
lokacija: Taka Tuka, Vodnikova cesta 30, Ljubljana
oprema: s seboj prinesite škarje in čopič

Ustvarile bomo prekrasen romantičen košek in osvojile tehniko oblikovanja rožic.

Kotizacija: posamezna delavnica znaša 35€, v kolikor se udeležite obeh, znaša kotizacija 60€. Kotizacija se poravna na tečaju. Prijave se sprejemajo na mail petramilitarev@gmail.com do zasedenosti mest. Pridružite se nam!

petek, 16. september 2011

Featured on The color room

YAY! Another feature on The Color room!!!!! I'm sooooo happy. Thank you so much!

nedelja, 11. september 2011

Million times...Thanks a bunch

Hello everone! Here is my latest project to say Thank you to a special person. I had the idea to make something that symbolizes a neverending gratitude and this tape dispenser seems to me that represents it the best. I've covered the tape dispencer with some book pages and painted with Distress cracke paint and softened the edges with some Distress ink. I've made a long "Thanks a bunch" tape using just regular paper, Prima stamps and SRM stickers. I love the idea that there are several Thank you-s to remind someone how much I appriciate the gesture. A wire hols the word "million" and a Prima Trinket hangs from it. The little bird was covered with some acrylic paint and sprinkled with embossing powder and let dry without heating.

Have a great day and be thankful for special things and persons arround you!