ponedeljek, 30. avgust 2010

What your favorite scapbook manufacturer?

Yes, at the TAAFOMFT we have a very intresting challenge. If you have hands always in some kind of paper you have also a favorite one for sure. It's true that there are so many manufacturers but I have no doubt who is my favorite. He is unique, he is special, he is art...like the title on my page says. He is a reference for every scrapbooker and he is always a step ahead. I remember when I saw his art the first time and I was immmidiatly in love.

And the prize this time? Ohhhhh you have no idea what is expecting you. If you read my blog you already know Michelle from EverydayScrapbook and you know how I like her and she started a new business with something very special. She invented the EverydayFrames !!!!!!!

These 12x12 EverydayFramesEverydayFrame to change your display whenever you would like. They are perfect for traditional, hybrid and digital scrapbook pages. allow you to change your creative display quickly and easily without all the regular hassles of traditional scrapbook frames. Once your scrapbook page is in a page protector it can easily slide in and out of the EverydayFrame to change your display whenever you would like. They are perfect for traditional, hybrid and digital scrapbook pages. How cool is that???????
So hurry up and tell us which scrapbook manufacturer you prefer!

Have a nice challenge!!

sreda, 25. avgust 2010

Tags, tags, tags....

Yesterday I was thinking what to make for two girls, acctually twins - Maša and Urša - you know, just to pamper them a little as they showed appriciation for my paper world and I wanted them to have something to remeber when they'll return to Ljubljana. So I came with the idea to make tags and I was immidiatly in!
I decided that the theme will be love because they are "already" 9!!! And here they are: different but with the same spirit.

And you know what? I was thinking about all of you that visit my blog and leave such sweet comments that mean so much to me and I couldn't resist not making another two for you!!!! I was thinking about my blog as a living creature and the truth is that it lives just because of you, that dropp in and feed it with love. I have to say thank you and I'll keep saying it forever. Hat down.
If I could I would make a tag for everyone that enters in my world. I can't do this but I offer these small two thank yous for two of you that will leave a comment. And tell me which is your favorite! I'll pick the winner on the 4th of September.

Thank you friends! Hope you have a wonderful day!

ponedeljek, 23. avgust 2010

You are irresistible

20th palette on The color room and you know what? I did them all. Yes, a lot of inspiration in there and a lot of colors that I wouzld never use and this makes it even more fun - to find a combo of colors and the layering that makes you happy with the page.
Here is another palette that I would never make but I'm happy that I reached the final result that reflects my style: Purple grape, Dusty Green, Bright Blue, Really Lavender. Well the color in the picture are not like they are in the page. There is a higher impact of the lavander color.

The pic was taken in the occassion of the last day of kindy and there was a little party and Kian is wearing elephant ears because he was part of the elephant group and I find him particulary irresistible in this photo. I made a lot of misting and masking in this page and I love how the two techniques goes perfectly together, one on the other.

I paited the lace with regular acrilyc paint...

A hand made paper flower (Holtz recipe)...

Thank you for dropping by, I really appriciate it and I wish you a lot of great last summer drops!!!

sreda, 18. avgust 2010

Favorite day of the week

Do you have a favorite day of the week? This is the current challenge on the TAAFOMFT. I do have a favorite one and mine is Saturday and the reason is preety obvious but I can't help feeling the great moment of all the family weaking up together, having breafast togeher and making plans what to do to make good use of the prescious time together. I still don't feel the presure of the upcoming new week and the related schedule. I can say I have another day left till the restart and feel relaxed!!!

The funny thing is that for me only some days of the week have their own feel. Do you remember a funny dialogue between Kramer and Newman (Seinfeld) when they were talking about days of the week? Here you have it:

Jerry, Kramer and Newman in the Saab*
Kramer: What's today?
Newman: It's Thursday.
Kramer: Really? Feels like Tuesday.
Newman: Tuesday has no feel. Monday has a feel, Friday has a feel, Sunday has a feel....
Kramer: I feel Tuesday and Wednesday...

Just in this case :-) Newman is right for me: some days definetly have a feel and other don't.

So, did you decide what to put on the LO this time? I have to tell you also that the prize this time on the TAAFOMFT is just soooooo yummy that will encourage you to select the best day of the week!

Have a great challenge and enjoy!!!

ponedeljek, 16. avgust 2010

Kian is 4!!!!

Yesterday was a big day because Kian tuned four!!!!! An important day with a great pirate party. The kids were enjoying the theme and parents could have a long chat because they were so into the pirates games. We made a cartboard ship and I painted it and put it in the garden with a pirate flag some garden net (for peas) for the boat net and Matej made the ship rudder out of an old bike wheel and thanks to the good weather the kids enjoyed it!!! We also had a treasure hunt and the kids found out a treasure chest filled with pirates coins, pirate chocolates and each young pireate fount in it a skull mini album that has to be completed with their names, photos and little pirate's special features and with the pirates rules - I'll probably make a post about it in the next days! Of course I had to make a pirate boat shaped cake too!
Kian was so happy and just had so much fun and I had so much fun watching him enjoying his bday party!!!

sreda, 4. avgust 2010

Newspaper pop out alphas tutorial

What you need:
- chipboard alphas
- mod podge
- cardstock
- paintbrush
- water
- newspaper, music or similar thin paper
- varnish
- hot gun (optional)
- glimmer mist or other liquid paint

Step 1:
Apply some modpodge on the cardstock and glue on the chipboard alphas. Let dry and then apply a coat of varnish on the alphas. This will protect the alphas from soaking the color at the end.

Step 2: Apply a coat of modpodge and spread it on the entire surface to create an adhering surface.

Step 3:
Cover the alphas with the thin paper and spray it with water and wait a little to let the paper soak the water and

Step 4:
Take the paintbrush and go over the alphas insisting slowly on the edges to make the alphas pop out. Don't hurry and tap on the alphas again and again.

Step 5 :
After some delicate work your alphas pop out perfectly. Let dry or use the heat gun.

Step 6:
Apply a coat of varnish on the top of the alphas and let dry. This will prevent the alphas get dirty when you'll glimmer mist them or when applying other color arround them.

Step 7:
Glimmer mist the alphas or drop some paint on the alphas and clean the top of the alphas with some paper towel or a wet paitbrush. And voila...here are your newspaper pop out alphas.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and it will serve you in your creating!!!

torek, 3. avgust 2010


This time a LO that combines two challenges:
On Scrapping the music this week a REM song inspires us: Shiny happy people!!!! A photo of my wedding was just perfect because everybody was happy and relaxed. Everybody was enjoying the picnic and sitting on the blankets and having fun. This is surely one of my best moments to remember...
I had to make this page also for The Color room as the palette was just the same as were the colors on our wedding day (except the lavanda) and also in this occasion the photo perfectly fit in...

Yes....I know.... I used this alphas again but I really love them very much. In the next days I'll post the tutorial. I hope you'll like it!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!