četrtek, 31. julij 2014

Canvas mashroom

Hello everyone! I'm back after having some computers problems. How I hate that!!! Luckily now I saved everything and I'm going on.
Here is my latest canvas. I used a canvas from Canvas Corp. In fact with this brand you an find a canvas in every shape and in beatiful shades. I decided for a 12x12 canvas. Here it is:

It is a fabric mashroom that is poping out of the canvas. The background is made with old pages and texture paste and some stamping here and there. The roots are made using the High Impact Black Paint from Tattered Angels. I painted them using a toothpick. Everything distreressed. From a tiny root there is going out a thin thread that is continuing the story. 

 At first I wanted to add some things but after several tries I noticed that the focus was disturbed if I wanted o add more thing so I left the mashroom alone with the important roots. Exactly like in our lives.

 I hope you love my latest project. See you back soon!