ponedeljek, 28. junij 2010

Daddy's bedtime stories

Bedtime stories are really important for children. Every night Matej or me read to Kian several stories and he just loves that moments. I enjoy it too and sometimes even too much because yesterday I was reading a book to Kian and I was doing some scary voices for the bed guys and at the end of the story Kian said: "Mom, don't make those voices again because I'm scared!" OOOPS!!!!! I really must have got in the caracter a little bit too much :-)
Also this page was inspired by the Color room and I enjoy to participate because I must say that the quality here is really high and I' always impressed and inspired. So, the colors were:
Dusty Cocoa
Light Orange
Slate Grey
Definate Beige
Here is my page:

I selfmade those little books and for the slate grey I used some Time Holtz reinker Stormy sky.

A feather that we found on a family trip...

I suggest you to pop over this fantastic blog - you'll get immidiatly inspired!!!!

petek, 25. junij 2010

A special way to say "I love you"

The other night before going to bed Kian said that he has something to do before sleep. He took a red pen and drew first a heart on my hand and than on his hand. He looked at me and he said: " So, now I'm done!". This it was certainly on of that Moments with the big M. He told me "I love you" in a very particular way and this was priceless. He always surprises me with this kind of gestures. I have to say I enjoy every moment with him.
I decided to scrap it and let my creativity to be inspired of the palette #11 of the Color room.

This week Kian and me were home alone again because my hubby went to Brasil on a business trip. Well, he phoned a few moments ago and said that today is impossible to have a business day because Brasil is playing for the world cup 2010 and everything is closed , even the factories!!!

So tomorow he is coming back home and this is like a holiday to me.... Have a wonderful day and enjoy the journey!

sreda, 16. junij 2010

Men at work

The Color room offers a blokey palete and it was a perfect occasion to scrap about Kian's passion for tools and hardware ecc. When he was still baby he didn't like any toy at all but he was soooooooooo intrested in daddy's toys and whenevery Matej is repairing something Kian is always nearby assisting :-) And don't tell him how to do something because he knows it all!!!!

For this lo I used real spanners as masks and spray them with glimmer mist. For the page frame I did some gear maks and cut them out. An old ruler was of the right color!

The big gear is a plastic ne and is from a brokes Kian's toy car. I just painted it and Voila!

For an extra boy touch in tis page I put some sand paper as a background detail...

Having a boy I'm always searching for new ideas as a replacement for the missing flowers.... Sometimes is hard to achive the same richness as the flowers offer but I'll never give up :-)

Have a nice day!

torek, 15. junij 2010

Toy no.1

This is myfirst week as a These are a few of my favorite things DT (yaaaayy!!!!!) and the theme is my favorite toy. I had no doubts...... I had to scrap once again about Kian and his fave toy - daddy!!! He really is his fave toy and they play together all the time. In fact if there is a moment when my hubby feels tired and tells Kian to go and play by himself he immidiatlly says that there's no way he would do this and usually in the end Matej gives up and restarts to play :-))))

An abundant use of glimmer mist in this LO and distressing as well. I also simply printed some vintage toys and put them on the top of the photo. For the background frame I misted over a Prima stamp package carboard that has a nice scalloped shape.

And what's your fave toy????? Make something that smells like scrapbook and capture maybe your best friend from your childhood. You'll see how funny but also deep can be creating about things that are the essential part of our lifes!!!!

sobota, 12. junij 2010

Last chance

Now is your chance to win a great prize on the These are a few of my favorite things challenge. I already told you that this wonderful place is celebrating and here are 27.......NO, here is something more................
28 prizes!!!!!!!!!!
Can you belive this?????? This is just like a dream! Submit your creation of your favorite shoes and maybe you'll get a fantastic gift for extra creativity!!!!!

ponedeljek, 7. junij 2010

Dirty but innocent

I lot of moms love to see their children clean but I don't. Don't understand me wrong I do care that every day he goes out of the house in the immaculate outfit but I never tell him to be carfull not to get dirty. In fact when I was little I needed just a few minutes to make my clean clothes dirty and I think this is part of the chilhood - not being under presure. A few days ago we were at a birthday party and Kian was enjoying to slide on a dusty and rocky little hill. I remembered how nice was when I was little to think !

The LO was made under the color palette inspiration of the color room and I have to say that it was very challeging to use the pink on a boy LO and in addition cobined with the dirty theme but I think I reached the idea and used many pink things that I had left. I had this chiboard pink piece that was saying "son" (!!!!!!???????) and I finally could use it! And if you notice there is another thing that was super challeging for me. This time I did't use any distressing and I can hardly belive it :-)

Have a nice day!

nedelja, 6. junij 2010

Altered chest

I had at home this chest that was just painted and I felt it needed a makeover. I wanted it to look old and First I sprayed it with a black paint and than sand it. I applied some paper stuff with the mod podge. I used the crackle paint and used the Tim Holtz mask negative to spray the swirl and some more Tim Holtz idea-ology elements. I used the Tattered angels glimmer screens with white acrilyc paint.
I'll have the chest in the hall to treasure my purses and different things and it will be a personal touch in my entrance.

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!

četrtek, 3. junij 2010

Mini shoes that treasure first steps

Of coures I'm doing the first June challenge on the TAAFOMFT!!!! I told you about the prizes and the theme is "My fave shoes". This was a perfect occasion for scrappin' Kian's first shoes. In fact there were a few times that I wanted to memorize this tiny shoes but never really felt the right idea and now.... This is the one!
I used just some regular sticker alphas for the words MINI SHOES and than I ccovered them with transparent varnish and of course distressed (can't do a page without distressing!!!!) and the result is a thin clear edge arround the letters that I love!!! In this LO I also put some gold thin paper to make it look more prescious!
I can really tell: these are my favorite shoes but go on the blog and check the great idea of the DT girls and submit yours. I guarantee lot of fun!

torek, 1. junij 2010

TAAFOMFT anniversary!!!

This time you really have to check the These are a few of my favorite things because you'll never belive what's going on!!!! On the occasion of its anniversary there are "/ prizes for the participants of the current challenge: favorite shoes!!!!!!!!! Yes, you understood: 27!!!

So ...you have time utill the evening of the 14th of June to make your fab project and tell what is your fave shoes!!!!!!!! Don't miss it!!!