petek, 30. julij 2010

What's your favorite band?

Another great challenge at the TAAFOMFT....FAVORITE BAND!!!!!!!!!!! I had no doubts and in fact anyone of my friends and family knows that I have a passion for Smashing Pumpkins. And it started a long time ago in high school years.
I scrapped this newspaper page and it's from the period before they split up and they were having a farwell tour in Europe. Matej and me went to Milan (in the pic below) and went to a great concert with a brilliant high quality performance and we are both huge fans of this incredible band and the song "Tonight, tonight" was our wedding dance song.

And now they are together again but honestly I regret that old line up: Corgan-Iha-Wretzky-Chamberlain!! And I have this frame on my living room wall and the pile of their cds that are just part of me.
On the other hand I can tell that nowdays we have a huge offer of (quality)music. Another band that makes me crazy? System of a Down. I can listen to their songs over and over again but I thought that I had to make this tribute to the Smashing Pumpkins...

So, what is your favorite band??? Just scrap it and link it to the TAAFOMFT and than you can hang the lo on the wall like I did and you can also win a great prize!!!!

četrtek, 29. julij 2010

I'm the STM winner!!!!

Yupppppiii! I'm so happy because I won on Scrapping the music!!!!! I love this place and I feel very inspired to create a page hearing a song because each song opens a drawer in your mind and brings out a specific memory or moment!!!!! And I'm glad that this Sheryl Crow's song brought me a great acchivement. Thank you soooooo much STM DT. You know how I appriciate your inspiration and admire your work!!!!!
The next thig is....gues what? Yeah, my contribution to The Color room. I loved the current palette with the red and two nuances of green - they are a perfect combo. The pic I decided to use is this Kian's photo (an exception :-)) and looking at him I couldn't resist ti put that title: "I love you more + more".

This is my new technique of alphas and let me know if you are instrested in this tutorial. You can see this alphas also on the LO "Soak up the sun" and i love the way they turn out. So, if you want them too just let me know!

I want to show you my new old friend. It's my grandma typewriter and it will be a perfect companion for my next LO. It has about 40-50 years and it still works perfectly and I love love love this kind of vintage hepels!!! You can be sure I'll use it in my next LO!!

Thank you for visiting and I hope you return to visit me!!

torek, 27. julij 2010

Soak up the sun

I'm taking part to Scrapping the music fun again. This time the song for inspiration is the Sheryl's Crow "Soak up the sun". This Matej's pic was just perfect for this title and it was taken on a very sunny day when we had fun with the sand...

Have a nice day and go and soak up some sun!:-)

sobota, 24. julij 2010


I'm happy to announce that I've been pubblished! I'm on Scrapook magazine Issue 47 on pages 18 - 20. There are two layouts and my "No place like home" sphere and an interwiew as well. I love the feeling when my scrapbook reaches the paper. Maybe because I'm a scrapper and I just adore having in hands some paper sometimes and not the digi stuff!

I love this magazine because it's so well structured and you can find great ideas in it!!!

And here are my pages....

I feel veeeery inspired - I guess I'll scrap today :-) Have a wonderful day!!!

torek, 20. julij 2010

Once upon a time

It's my first time to take part to the challenge of Scrapping the music. I stopped already several times there and I can say that it was so inviting and the idea of having the music that guide's you is just tooo good. And you'll probablly already know some of their tremendous DT!!

The current challenge is based on the song Santa cruz. I played and replayed the song and the LO was there finished in front of me and remembered me of the old times. The voice of Eddie Vedder took me way back when I had so much fun with my best friend Katja and together we travelled with my hubby's band and while he was rehearsing or preparing everything ready for the concerts we were together exploring the world and accumulated many beatiful and funny memories. It was such a wonderful time and I have to say that I miss it sometimes! And gues what... When we get together we are really again seventeen!!!

sobota, 17. julij 2010

Do you love me?

New palette in the Color room. This time the main subject on the page is my little chihuahua Chili. I can say she is my first child. Well, before Kian was born she was self confident and she wasn't always searching for attention but after the crucial arrival she changed. From that moment she is always following me (even when I go to the bathroom!!!!!) and searching for any kind of sign of love. She is slowly becoming Kian's friend and she is slowly letting go the intruder image for him. Sometimes when now she goes and sits next to Kian (verrrrry rare!) I can't belive she is slowly accepting him :-)

She is changing and I think this is not so common for dogs. In fact I she surprised me again on a holiday this year. Normally when we went for a swim in the sea she always waited on the beach in the shadow and she never entered in the water by herself but this year she entered in the water as soon as I put my leg in the sea and she was all the time swimming with me!!!!

Yes I do - I love you!!!!

četrtek, 15. julij 2010

Fave site/blog

Do you have a fave blog or site? Yes? Than you have to scrap it and take part to the current challenge on These are my favorite things!!!!!
Here's my page about it and I was sure I had to put on my 12x12 the TAAFOMFT. Why I love this blog so much? The answer is that this peace of world gives us the opportunity to scrap about us. Usually scrappers dedicate their pages and albums and other stuf to family, friends,...and sometimes we just don't have any inspiration for ourselfs but with the TAAFOMFT this aspect changed. You can scrap about something you feel, enjoy, life,.... You can scrap about You! Besides this the atmosphere on the blog is almost like being in family and chatting about things you love! I had no doubts this time: TAAFOMFT is a place where I'm inspired and where we can inspire others ...I hope!
You have to submit your scrap art and besides the theme the prize is yummy as well: $25.00 store credit to Flamingo Scraps!! Sooooo deliscious!!

I want to show you another LO in this post that I did for the color room. The palette was sooooooo hard this time and I finished with a LO that is totally the opposite of my style. Feel kinda weird :-))))) The idea that I introduced in this page are the glue drops (with the glue gun) for the bubbles.

I hope you have a great summer and take care of you!!!

torek, 13. julij 2010

Jakob's birthday

Jakob is my best friend's son and you know that if you are a paper crafter is hard not doing something by yourself for the closest friend's and family birthdays. It's almost impossible for me and this time we were celebrating three candles. It was a beatiful birthday as their parents invited us to celebrate in their house by the sea and we had three beatiful days of sea, sun, good company and cake :-) I prepared the gifts for Jakob and made this frame for him (or for his mom I'd better say!!!). The particular thing about it is that I had this idea to fix the Jakobs image just with Patafix glue dots so his mom can change the image to put behind the three hills (three hills - three years!!!) and I have to say that I love this idea. I can say that I made an interractive scrapbook!!!

I love the different blues and the greens combined and I used some gold to make it more prescious.

I hope you like it and have a wonderful day!!

ponedeljek, 5. julij 2010

Send a card for Grace

Julie post on her blog a request of Jennifer McGuire. She is asking everyone to make cards for a little girl named Grace...who recently lost her twin Sister to Cancer.....So, if you would like to make a card (and I know we have a lot of brilliant card makers!!!) for Grace...please SEE THIS POST from Jennifer! Here is mine " SMILE - WITHOUT A REASON WHY"and today it is starting its journey to Grace! C'mon, make one and send it!!!!!

nedelja, 4. julij 2010

Always keeping an eye on you

A new palette at the color room and a new LO of course. I have to tell you that I feel extremly inspired in this room and it's like something is pushing me to folow the palettes (didn't missed one till now!!).

Anyway, I had this picture with Kian and my mom and I knew I'll scrap it one day. I love the look of my mom and I also found the appropriate title. They have a great granny-grandchild relationship and he is always excited visiting her. He loves getting some small (or sometimes even big) presents and mom's pantry, where he always finds something to bring home: most of the times this is some special shaped pasta or something that he sees for the first time. He still loves to lie on the bed next to her and they put their legs together and enjoy the company. They really have very much in common!

For the heart I was insipire at Bojamoja's blog (I've told you Simona!!!). I love her scrapbook cards!!! She made a card using some punched flowers for the heart and I fell in love with it so I tried it and personalized it a little bit. i used a heart puncher and add some wire, some glossy hearts and some gem hearts.

Thanks for visiting my blog and have a good Sunday!

četrtek, 1. julij 2010

Favorite shop

It's time for your favorite shop on These are my favorite things. Do you have your favorite shope and what does it sell?
Well, my favorite shop is my garden. Years back I didn't like gardening and I always said that I'l never have one but after having a child many things changes and I started to see the miracle that is hapening and the healthy products mother nature offers in her shop. Now, I enjoy going in tha garden and picking some vegetables before I start preparing lunch and several times during the day I go there with Kian just ti poic a carrot out of the soil, some strawberries and other fruits that were growing just a few seconds before you picked them and this is what I call enjoying the fresh fruit and vegetables.

You have to tell us what is your favorite shop!!! As always there is a fabulous prize waiting for the winner and a great athmosphere for everyone!!! Come on, just scrap it!