nedelja, 16. december 2012

GLAM-orous December at Tattered Angels

 Hello my dear bloggers! I hope you are doing ok. Many things happened lately and I was really unable to make any post. Now we are almost before Christmas and it's time to continue our Christmas jounery - we just have some moments left.....
I decided to make some projects for Tattered Angels december that are enriched with the Glimmer Glam and more precisely with the Chandelier  Glimmer Glam that is perfect for the Christmas projects as it gives to them an icy and festive look.
The first project is a Paper Ball Christmas tree. It's shinny and it has a puffy looking and yet so simple to make.

 My second project is one of mine Christmas surprise Ball. I wanted this one to be extremely vintage and the Glam here really helps because beside the glimmer it gives to the ball a "worn out glass" looking althought this aspect is more obvious when you see it in RL. The Ball has a name: A jingle bell surprise.

 I used an entire bottle of the Glam but it was worth spending it. The ball is totally covered and I used it ever on the resin stars...

I hope you liked my projects and I'll try to be back soon!