ponedeljek, 20. junij 2011

New baby girl surprise sphere

It's spheretime again and you know I enjoy making my surprise globes. This time I made it for a newborn baby girl. I love to make the sphere's outside surface look like canvas and for this occassion this techinque was even more suitable as it reminds of old school diapers. A shower of crystals on the other hand makes it more prescious and girl - just indispensable:-) A lot of Prima flowers and a Prima trinket on the top and a Melissa Frances resin applique for the special little princess. A shiny and glittery "welcome" invites us to open the sphere.

The inside of the sphere revels the hatched name of the baby girl – a symbolic birth.

Have a great day and search for little miracles!

petek, 17. junij 2011

Pirate's gift wrapping

I love to wrap gifts and I always want it to be as good as the surprise in it. This time the gift was for a little boy. I stamped a regular package paper. I took an empty bottle of glimmer mist and trasformed it in a distressed pirate bottle with a message inside (my son made a beatiful drawing for him). I glued some sea shells and some sand. I added also two prescious pirate's coins.

I hope you liked the idea and maybe you'll feel inspired when you'll make your next gift wrapping ! Ahoy scrappers!!!

torek, 14. junij 2011

My favorite piece of art is...you

These are my favorite things has a new queastion: Do you have a favorite piece of art? I thought about what always amazes me and gives me goose bumps and is a pure expression of different kind of arts and I had no doubts :-)

Speaking of art I had to use my empty tube of color and a paintbrush and a lot of messy color spots. As I wanted the out squeezed paste to remain as fresh I waited it to dry and then put some glossy varnish on it. I used the Tattered angles screen and covered it with a lot of paint to obtain a havy frame structure.

Have fun searching your favorite piece of art!

petek, 10. junij 2011

Hello everyone! Here I am to make my little tutorial for the bubbly background that I used in my LO "Looking 4 adventure". First of all I have to say that is so so simple you will not belive it and beside this you'll also have fun doing it, I promise you!

You will need:

- a small pot

- dishwashing detergent

- a straw

- water

- food coloring

- paper

Step 1: In the little pot combine a little of water, a teaspoon of dishwashing detergent and food coloring.

Step 2: With a straw blow into the liquid untill you form a pile of bubbles .

Step 3:
Place your paper on the the bubbles poping them until you reach the edge. You have to be a little bit fast here because the coloring tends to slip of the bubbles into the liquid. Let it dry!

..... and here you are!!! You have an amazing bubbly background. I love it and you can do it in many colors! Isn't this funny simple?

I hope you'll use it and realize wonderful projects with this technique! Have a great weekend!!!

četrtek, 9. junij 2011

Looking for adventure

Hello everyone! Here I am and I have to say it's a busy time for me but I couldn't resist not to scrap a bit. I remembered a lovely idea to make a bubblybackground and that was the start for assembling a new LO. If you love this bubbly background come back on my blog tomorrow because I'm doing a little tutorial how to make it.

I love watching ma son's enthusiasm in searching for tiny things that are like treasure for him and even exploring an old trailer can be a marvelous adventure.
A lot of out poping elements in this LO but surely the most out standing are the little stars that I just made by myself. I love them and they are a perfect boy LO flower replacement.

Have a nice day and don't forget to come back tomorrow!