nedelja, 30. avgust 2009


I'm soooooooooooooo happy as my Amelie LO won the challenge Favorite movie that organized. Thanks to all the girls that made my day special.If you want to be in a company of good and talented peolple than just take a look and maybe the next challege will just be perfect for you. C'mon.... It's so much fun!

četrtek, 27. avgust 2009

Favorite movie

I decided to enter in the challenge that These are a few of my favorite things organizes.In fact there you can find a lot of inspiration and intresting new ideas. This challenge is all about a favorite movie or something that is regarding it.

Undoubtfully my favorite movie is Amelie and here is my tribute to this french masterpiece!!!!

The most beatiful piece and my favorite of course is the moment when Amelie helps the blind man....... I just adore ir and that's why I wrote this piece also on my LO!

Just perfect!

ponedeljek, 24. avgust 2009


You probably know that my hubby is a drummer and sometimes he takes Kian with him just to know if he is prepared and if he has any interest to play drums. In fact I keep my fingers crossed that Kian has some of his dad's enthusiasm to play something as one of my regrets is not playing any instrument. It's a kind of magic when playing with friends and making good music.

In this LO you can see which is my latest passion. I print some images on the acetate and as long as it's still wet I put on some ultra thick embossing enamel and heat it up! The result is a wet looking stamp that I just adore. Take a look!

sobota, 22. avgust 2009

Dino dream

After three years we redecorated Kian's room. Before it was a teddy bear nursery but now is a real dino room. Now everything is dino skin spotted and a lot mathcing theme accessories. Kian just loves it and a special friend Marjan bought Kian a wonderful leaf at IKEA to put it above Kian's bed and Kian loves having some dino dreams under it. And when I see him sleeping....well, that is just the most wonderful vision in the world for me. And I wach him, watch him, watch him.........

Yeasterday I recived a visit of my best friednd Katja and she was soooo sweet. She suprised me with some brand new rubber stamps from the Aladine collection. And besides this she also brought some extra dino things for Kian!!!! I can't tell you how happy I am!!! I can't wait to use the stamps on my LOs. There are fantastic hearts, flowers and more! Thank you Katja so much. You are so special!

četrtek, 20. avgust 2009

Very loud....but sometimes shy!

I have to tell you that Kian is always very loud. He screams when he plays, when he runs, when he is in bed... In fact, when he was still a little baby the first minutes after breastfeeding he felt asleep he was always doing "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" for a couple of minutes until he reached the phase of deep sleeping. It was so funny. SO, still now he is a loud toddler but still sometimes just a shy mommy's boy!

nedelja, 16. avgust 2009

Happy birthday!!!!!!!

Yesterday was the day! My Kian turned three and we had a wonderful time together with our friends and family. As I already told you everything connected with the celebration was dino shaped. Also the cake and we spent a lot of time doing the dino's skin but the final result was great. When Kian saw the cake he just started to scream and it was worth to do all that little tiny balls just for that moment of pure happiness!!

I also planed some activities for the kids so I made some paper mache dino eggs and I put a little dino inside. Then I just did hide the eggs in the garden and we had a special dino egg hunt. And after the kids broke the egg they got a little surprise!
At the end of the party each kid recived a tender dino that I made some days before. The ones for the girs were pink and had some lace, the ones for the boys were blue or green and each dino is a special species: Kianosaurus, Zojasaurus, Jakobsaurus.... I have to say that the kids were just crazy about them.

It was a very special b day and I have to say that I have the most special boy in the world. In fact when everybody left he said to me: "Mommy, thank you for a fabulous birthday!" And that was his gift for me! I'm soooooooooooo lucky to have a litlle boy that is growing up and enjoying the world. Happy birthday my little mouse!

ponedeljek, 10. avgust 2009


I have to say I'm really crazy for mini albums. I like them because they are mini but they can keep a lot of stuff inside. This time I made my first filter bag album and in this case you have a lot of space on singular pages and inside the pockets. The title is " A Dream come true" and I left it blank as I will fill it up after I'll reach a goal that I have in mind.

What I particularly love about this mini are the scaloped circles for pulling out the inside pocket tag because they have a matching flower with the cover and I think the idea turned out great!
I also add some gletter to the flowers on the cover and on the little dots to mach the glittery butterflies(but is not well visible on the photos).

Now I have to wait just for my dream to come true!

nedelja, 9. avgust 2009

Something to remember....

Yesterday Matej and me remembered what was happening a year ago. It was the 8.8.2008 and we passed a wonderful day in a company of people we love and enjoying the nature and the special feeling that it was in the air. Under a cloudy sky and under the lanterns we celebrated what is important. I just wanted to share a piece of what happened with you.

I have to say that I love looking these photos and on that special day we really enjoyed the company of our photographer Matjaž Merčnik. He is a person that you just feel very confortable with and beside this he is a great photographer and I recommand him to every bride and groom! Just check his blog!!

sobota, 8. avgust 2009

Two sweet girls

The other day we went t visit our friends and they have two little girls. I just love making little gifts for them as I have the chance to use some pink. This time I just made two initials for their rooms and I made them similiar but with a little bit different embellishments. Making them was very easy as I just bought wooden letters and coverd them with some patterned paper. I hope they'll enjoy them!