sreda, 12. oktober 2011

Recycled ghost

Hello! How are you? This time I decided to do some recycling. In fact several times I find myself admiring some intresting shapes that plastic container have nowdays and sometimes it's a shame they finish in tha garbage without dressing them in something appropriate for their shape. So, I turned this.......

Into this....

I didn't use the lid and I've glued a plastic egg on the opening. Than I covered everything with bandage fabbric. The procedure was a little bit long because I have to wait the fabbric to dry but I wanted it airy but rigid and this is possible only by covering this thin fabbric with some glue mixed to acrylic paint. It looks wavy but it's solid. I've made a hole in it where I've put a nice verse I alrady had. It's like a bizzare entrance in another dimension. All the rest is just a game of embellishments and colors.

I hope you like it and have a great recycling!

nedelja, 9. oktober 2011

Halloween calderon

Hello bloggers! Here I am with another project. This one is perfect for you children as my son is just crazy about it and keeps playing with it. It's a magic calderon! It easy and quick to do too!

I had this little pot that is similar to a calderon. I've filled it with some paper and I painted the surface with acid green acrylic paint and used the same color for painting many little styrofoam balls. I placed the balls on the top of the calderon with the glue gun and than covered everything with some glossy paint to simulate the boiling of the potion. I also covered the stars with glitter and put them into the bubbles to make the word poof! more intresting.

I hope you like it! Have a great day and return back soon!

sobota, 1. oktober 2011

Halloween lamp

Hello friends! How are you? I hope you are fine and I hope you'll like my new project. It was a quick one because this old kerosene lamp already has so much charachter that I didn't want to overflow. This piece was part of our family for a long time but one day we (I don't even remember who) broke the glass chimney and now it was waiting for a chance for a new look. As you see the project is simple. I started with painting the frame at the back with black distress paint and I've put some glass color on the glass. I wiped away most of the color so only some little holes are filled with black color to make it look even more antique. I've put some glittery stars on a wire that simulate a magic explosion out of the burner. I just covered the glass on the back with regular stamped paper and added some ribbon - so easy but I like it.

I'm already thinking about another halloween project. And you?