petek, 26. februar 2010

The sweetest thing

Hello everybody! First of all I have to say thank you for all the suggestions about the heating gun. I really appriciated your support and it helped me a lot!!
I had a terrible week because I was all days in bed in a company of a mr. Virus. You know the story - fever, shaking, ...... My throat is still not producing the voice I'm used to but for the rest, I hope, now it'll go better. (I'm just knoking on wood in any case!)
Before I fell in bed I made this LO. I've already told you ( that Kian never played with the blocks but he always does great constructions with other things. So once again the other day he was sitting in the kichen and he found the sugar cubes and he started to play with them and after a while he made three towers and he said that one was him, one mommy and the tallest one was daddy. I think the title can not be other than "The sweetest thing" as for what he said and because he used sugar!

I also like how the chipboard letters came out. I used some crackle paint and mixed it with regular acrilyc on the other side and finished with a coat of gloss varnish. I like the foggy mix of the two colors - I think I'll use a lot this technique!

petek, 19. februar 2010


I decided to ask you about your heating guns. The problem is that after a short working period my second heat buddy broke down and I don't know why.

I'm so sad because now it will take some time before I get a new one and before I order a new one I want to ask you for some advice about which one is the best and will last longer than a couple of moths. I have to tell you also that I follow the instruction and I'm sure I'm not a heat gun dummy :-). So...can you help me with any suggestions????

četrtek, 18. februar 2010

Fairy tale dream

I have to admit that lately I'm very affascinated when Kian is sleeping. So I think also my next LO will be about this. In fact lately the time he is awake he is always screaming and being grumpy. Yesterday I decided to make a table where he collects bad and good spots. Than more good ones means a reward, than more bad ones means....yeah a kind of punishment (My idea was a week without Gormiti - his favorite toys...) I'll tell you if I'm succsessful with this method.

This LO started from the photo. The day he was slepping on my bad there was a special light going on his face and I immidiatly falt like he is dreaming about something special. I decided to point on green and as you see most of the things includede are green but at the same time I wanted them to be destinguised. The thing I love about this LO thet I used just a simple garze arround the photo that is a perfect combination with the theme. The brown flowers are made out of a pinecorn and the are like elfs flowers. For the chipboard swirls I used two different types of green crackle paint and then I coverd them with varnish.

torek, 16. februar 2010


Pust is over and here are some pick from Saturday's carneval. It was fun and this year our family together with our best friends decided to be all together "FAST FOOD". We had some pop corn, pizza, the cutest hamburger, a hot dog and some french fries. We had so much fun and happy and warm in our outfits.
I also prepared a spiderman costume for Kian for today but unfortunatly he has been ill from Sunday and so I had a brave Spiderman in the bad. Anyway I think he had fun already Saturday with all that music, cotton candy and donuts!!!!

Our family
Matej, Jakob and Katja
I hope you had a wonderful time in costumes and I can tell you already I can't see the time for the next carneval!

sobota, 13. februar 2010

And the LO goes to.....

Today I have to anonce the winner of the LO. Thanks to all whot left a comment and for me it was really fun!
So lets get to the winner.............

True Random Number Generator
Min: 1
Max: 17
Result: 4

...................... the winner is Petra from
Petra please mail me your address so I can send you the LO!

I apologize not showing up yesterda but I was very busy because making the costumes for pust and preparing gifts and the cake for my mom's birthday. I made a topsy turvy cake and I enjoyed the new challenge!

I have to go now to have fun un costumes. I'll post in the next days how it was. Bye to everyone and have fun too!!!!!!!

sobota, 6. februar 2010

Lokking FWD

Maja surpised me again with a gift. This is an award for the Endless creativity! Thank you so much Maja. You know that this is reciprocal.

I want to pass this award to all the blogs I visit that inspire me everyday! It is nice to open the computer and being every day surprised with new and fresh ideas and purposes. Thanks to all!

In fact the following LO is talking about all this. About looking forward everyday nad about making our days with alternative thoughts, with special moments and with common pleasures.