četrtek, 31. december 2009

Happy new year!!!!

I'm writing this quick post just because I remembered you and I wanted to say and wish you a happy new year. The old one is saying goodbye and I'm glad we'll have the opportunity to restart again even only in a symbolic way.

The 2009 was quite tough for me. It offered me some laughs and many tears and it seems to me that the main gift of this year was wisdom. You have to learn some lessons to get it and this is inevitable. I hope the 2010 will let new experience to fulfill our lives with pleasant moments and I hope old regrets will stay in the past.

I wish to all of you to find the most important, to search for something new, to forget the unnecessary and to build at leat one of your dreams for real!!! You'll be in my thoughts at midnight!!! Thank you for every word you write here. They are truly appriciate! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!

ponedeljek, 28. december 2009

Blogoversary giveaway!

**********THIS CANDY IS NOW CLOSED***************
In January will be my first blogoversary and I was thinking about a giveaway to surprise one of all of you that live in this paralel world and share the enthusiasm for this peculiar treasures. As I told, my blogoversary is in January, I had this idea to make a calendar so I can be with you all year long :-). In fact I made 7 calendars for my best friends and I'm glad one of them is destinated to one of my virtual best friands. This is also a perfect occasion to say a big
thank you

to all of my followers and friends that visit my blog and leave special comments that are always like unexpected gifts!

To be entered into the random draw taking place on Saturday 16th January 2010, simply leave a comment, this giveaway is open to everyone & linking it on your Blog is not compulsory but would be appreciated.

Thank you for joining in and have a great time!

četrtek, 24. december 2009

Merry Christmas!

I just wanted to wish to everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! I hope you'll have a wonderful time sourrouded with family, love, gifts, good food and something more that makes your life special.
My gifts (sorry, Santa's) were perfectly wrappeed yesterday and they have a special name tag made out of the salt dought and colored with the distress ink. Now they are waiting for Santa to be delivered. And don't forget to put some cookies and milk and some carrots near the tree!!!

Merry Christmas to all of you!!!!!!!!!!

sreda, 16. december 2009


Yesterday , after the afternoon nap, Kian was sooooooo grumpy and he was lying on the couch and sobing for no reason and in the end, after I tried to cheer him up with no succsess, I just gave up.

So I said: "I don't understand you Kian! You had a great nap in a cosy and warm bed, you are sourrounded with Christmas decorations, you had a wonderful lunch and a dessert, you have a lot of toys, ... So, why are you said because I think nothing can be better than all this, don't you think???? "

And Kian answered: "Yes it is something better than all this. "

And here I have to admit that I started to get really nervous because I thought I was speaking just with a spoiled boy that wanted more and more.

I asked (loudly :-)): "Ok, so now you tell me what is better than all this "(waiting for his answer and be prepared to give him a lesson)

And than he said: "That we love each other!"

Once again I was surprised by my little boy and I was the one that receved a lesson :-)!

torek, 15. december 2009

And the winner is......

I'm so happy as my Cristmas mini is the winner of the "These are a few of my favorite things" challenge. I'm super excited and this is a nice Christmas present for me! The challenges on their blog just go on and on and I'm pretty sure that you'll find the most suitable for you too. The next challenge is "My fav car" and if you have a story to scrap I invite you to join the brilliant ladies of the TFOMFT!

nedelja, 13. december 2009


My hubby returned from USA yesterday and as always he surprised me with.......

I have to scrap now ....and make some goooooood lunches for someone :-)

petek, 11. december 2009

Christmas mini album

I decided to enter in the challenge of "These are a few of my favorite things" that this month is "Your favorite holiday" themed. I had already before in my mind to mae a mini about Christmas each page is showing one ingredient that begins with one of the letters of the word C-h-r-i-s-t-m-a-s.

C= cookies and the sweet stuff. Christmas is not Christmas if not combined with all the good food that is so yummy in cold winter days and our kitchens are cinnamon, nutmeg and honey scented.

H= home decorations. They are essential for celebrating this time of the year.

I have to include reindeer for R otherwise who will bring Santa?

I=ice ....and snow (I have to add snow in this page!!!). Every year I'm praying for some snow here because here is so rare and nothing make Christmas crtistmasy like ice and snow, don't you think? The pocket in this page is made from a piece of acetate and covered with a piece of paper that I punched with a snowflake puncher, distressed it with some blue color and for the final touch I put some acrilic varnish so it's really like ice.

S= stockings. If you want some presents it's better to hang some stockings. Also this pocket /tahat is not very visible) is made with a piece of acetate to keep the stocking tags!

T= (christmas) TREE that is the center of this holidays and the thing that can't be missing.

M= (christmas) MUSIC. Don't you like the christmas music that warms your heart?

A= ADVENT. IN this page I create a little tag that is fixed to the page and you can open it to add some journaling or a photo and here is also the green-dotted part that is acctually a pocket for tags.

S=SANTA!!!!!! We belive!

I wanted also to say a big thank you to Cookie that surprised me today witha a special Christmas card and a present that will be used in the next days for sure. Thank you so much Cookie for your kindness and for inspiring me!!!
If you want to see some fresh and unique scrapbook go to her blog!!

torek, 8. december 2009


I hope you are enjoying this christmas time. I don't have any presents at home yet so I think I have still a lot of thinking, shopping, wrapping, ribboning :-)). In the middle of November my christmas tree was already waiting fo Santa....

My kitchen on the other hand was waiting for some sweet smelling cookies and christmas baking. I had a little help from my little elf Kian with making the gingerbread house.

My hubby is in USA this week and I can't see the time that he returns home...Also because he is bringing a lot of candy canes that are just unprocurable here in Slovenia.

The socks are waiting to be filled till the top with some sweet stuff....

The christmas lights are making the perfect atmosphere.. The only thig that is missing are the outdoor lights but nowdays is always raining and we're waiting for a little bit of good weather to cover all the house with them.

I'm waiting for: snow (that here is so rare and I love it!!!!!), to bring Kian to Santa, for some colorful fireworks, for hot cups of cinnamon tea, for christmas cookies, for the family to gather on the Christmas eve.....

And finnaly I'm waiting for the address of the tiny giveaway winner that is............
....number 20: Marika!!!!!!

She wrote:
"Kakšni lepotci!Meni pa je med drugim všeč tudi barvna intenzivnost. Ta me je v prvem hipu najbolj pritegnila."

Please e-mail me your address and thanks to all. I really appriaciated every lovely comment that you left on my little piece of crafting world.

nedelja, 6. december 2009

Christmas cards and tiny giveaway


This year I decided to make my cristmas cards out of tissue paper rolls and so make a tag that is actually a pocket for another tag where is some place to write some nice words for this magic time.

Here is the front:

...and the back:

....and the tag!

And here is my tiny pre-christmas giveaway. I'm giving away three of them so if you like them simply leave a comment! The random draw taking place on Wendesday 9th December 2009.

Good luck & thanks for joining in!

četrtek, 3. december 2009

Cheek to cheek

"You are my special elf that is always around me. I love your "one tooth missing smile" and your eyes that are like a warm hug. I love your soft cheeks that everytime invite me to give you kisses. I love your funny faces and the neverending screaming. I love your tender heart and your little hand caresses. I love every single moment with you."