sobota, 28. november 2009

A lot of letters to Santa...

Christmas time is just perfect to make something extraordinary for our kids but at the same time we can make them be good with the Santa's story. So I told Kian how elfs are taking notes if he is behaving well or bad and that if he will be a good boy than the wishes he wrote (draw) in his letter will come true. But there is aproblem: Kian doesn't want to understand that you write to Santa once a year. So mostly every day he writes a new letter that is more or less the same as the one of the day before. I explained him that there is only one letter that counts and he always says that he understands and after that he immidiatly goes and picks his pencils and writes a new one. I just gave up telling him anything. I can tell you we have a lot of fun watching him every day drawing and loudly speaking while doing the drawing about his wishes.

I thought it's a nice moment to scrap and so I did alot of mini envelopes that make a perfect backgroud for this story. I love how the letters turned out. I simply used some acrilic paint and extra fine glitter pouder to make this vintage LO a little bit more festive. The picture of Kian is captured in one of his christmas wish list moments.

petek, 20. november 2009

November challenge

I'm taking part of the challenge of These are a few of my favorite things and this time the LO has to rapresent your favorite decade. When I saw this theme I immmidiatly decided that my favorite decade will be the one when my mom was born and besides this I think it was a really special time. When the time was devided in everyday life and just a few glamorous important moments that made living special.
Another wery important thing that is happening this month at These are a few of my favorite thigs is that Michelle is the guest designer for November, Check out her LO and her blog. She is really a tallented girl!

sreda, 18. november 2009


I capture this image of Kian sometime ago. A ray of light from a window made a perfect moment. For this LO I made a little wire hanger that holds the glitter heart. The glitter heart is made from a glitter christmas ball 3D sticker that I cut in a heart shape. I also used some old indigo copy paper for the edges (scratchy lines) and for the words on the right.

Thanks for stopping by!

ponedeljek, 16. november 2009

Christmas countdown

The christmas countdown has begun. This weekend we are going to decorate our dens and as this year we'll have a bigger christmas tree It was already time to make some new christmas decorations. In fact, bigger tree or not, I make every year some new decor for our house. This year I made this bigger decorations: some gingerbread man and cookies and some candy canes.

This snowman is made from a shoe/sock of a Kian's baby overall. I just filled it with some cotton and made a bow with a paper rope to separate the body from the head and it turned out great. I have to check now if Kian has any sock that has no apir to make some new decorations!!

sreda, 4. november 2009


This LO is dedicated to Kian's eyes. His eyes were like two chocolate candies from the first moment I saw him and I like his intense look.

This time I made a frame with the stamps that Michelle send me as a surprise gift (thanks again Michelle!!!!) and I have to say that I really like the way it turned out. Of course there's always present a game of distress colors. In addition I stamped some butterflies and cut them to make a 3D effect. I also sprayed the paper with some light blue color.