ponedeljek, 21. maj 2012

Wedding invitations

 Something special is happening in September. Two special persons are getting married and I was happy to make the invitations for this special event. I just loved to use this nice color combination. The outside of the invitation a key lock (Tim Holtz Alterations Die Cuts) invites to open it and find everything you need for a perfect day! You just need to release the green ribbon. The tattered Angels screen seemed the right choice for this occasion.

 A second invitation was also needed. Still similar to follow the main colors of the wedding. A romantic preamble just started.....

Have a romantic week......

sreda, 16. maj 2012

Spring tags

 May on Tattred Angels blog brigs colorful projects and designs. I decided to give to May a tag taste :-)

Here is the first one:  “The Thank you breeze”. Dragonfly and Pop rocks Glimmer mist applied with a pintbrush. Yes, no misting here but an unusual  application to make the embossing come out even more. With a paint brush you can really play on the different parts of the tag and intensify some areas more than other.

The second tag is “Light green thoughts”.  Gold and Olive vine Glimmer mists are making a perfect background for a glittered butterfly. Also here the Glimer mist was applied with a paintbrush and the Olive vine was also used to gave more shine to the flower.

And here is the third tag – “Foggy wish”. The color combo that was present in the first tag is repeted also on this one but you can see how different is the result when Glimmer mist is applied on a smooth fabbric that soaks the color and leaves the glimmer on the surface…. In RL this tag shines  like a star!

Have a great day and enjoy the colorful mists!

ponedeljek, 7. maj 2012

Memory box No.1 - Light blue echos

Hello! I'm back for sharing another project that gave me a lot of fun doing it. I had a small suitcase inox box and looking at it I had the ida of altering it and making a memory box. Now I'm just looking in every corner of my house to find new boxes to transform into prescious memory boxes. Inside these boxes there is enough space for some pockets and tags for jurnaling and photos and some additional space for the memorabilia, little treasure that now will just find the appropriate space that will contain them and they will not get lost. You can put inside things from a special day, holiday, person,.... It would be lovely even for a newborn baby gift, don't you think? I love it and this one maybe will contain my son's first day of school that will happen in September. I will call this box "Light blue echos".

Crackle paint on the outside and some sanding the inox surface of the suitcase to get a distressed look. I used different types of gold to match the vintage elements. Inside there are three envelopes, distressed and masked.             

I hope you like the project because I will make a lot of them so if you will come again to visit me .... be prepared :-)

Have a nice day!

nedelja, 6. maj 2012

Your smile makes me happy

Another LO about my boy who is growing so fast. The title is "Your smile makes me happy" and this is so true. That little sweet teeth soon will be gone and I'm enjoying these last baby smiles that will be replaced by some new ones soon.
A lot of layering in this LO and a lot Of Prima elements and even from recycling the packaging. I also added some 3D dotts at the bottom of the LO for more dimension.

Have a great time!

četrtek, 3. maj 2012

Special delivery

Just a quick post for my last project for a little boy.  I love using these old tins and seem to me that I love them altered in different ways again and again and to me  they are perfect for any occasion. The tin is obviously a 3d card with a message at the back. The Tim Holtz's key saying "LIFE" was a perfect companion for the message inside the tin. All spiced with Prima flowers.

I'm so busy nowdays that I hardly find time to make something new but I promise I'll be back soon. Enjoy the hot days - here already feels like summer!