četrtek, 17. februar 2011

Fave magazine

Join us on TAAFOMFT and tell us which is your fave mag!!!! I have to say I was a little bit confused what to do this time because I mostly read on the net and I don't buy magazines frequently. When I was still living with my mom I was a little bit spoiled as she always has somekind of magazine to read and I have to admit I always took advantage from it :-)
If there are magazines that I can't help not browsing are the house decor magazines and if I find them somewhere (of course, mostly at my mom's place). I just enjoy watching new ideas and different styles and so.... the TAG is all dedicated to them :-)

I hope you'll join us. You'll find a lot of new and fresh inspiration, good company and a great prize.

nedelja, 13. februar 2011

Altered carriage/recycled lampshade

You give me the possibility to paint the rainbow on grey skies. You always have the ticket for the Wonderland. You show me the beauty of the colors and the simplicity of being a human being. You created me and gave me the opportunity to grow and look out of the window for fresh air. You showed me your different faces and surprised me with brilliant changes. You gave me the opportunity to see that the world was different, better. We shared smiles and tears and tried to get the best out of it. Thank you for being special. Happy birthday mom!

I used an old lampshade to make this carriage and added a part of a broken canle holder on the top. For the wheels I went out in our garden and picked some vinesand slowly gave them a rounded shape. The styrofoam heart is covered with acrilyc paint, mod podge and moulding compound. I added an explosion of grungeboard little hearts, Prima flowers and Tattered angels glimmer chips. The quote is printed on the ribbon.

I hope you all had a great day! Enjoy life!!!!

sobota, 12. februar 2011

Love nest

Here's another Valentine's project, something you can use to surprise the one you love: two hearts enjoying their love nest. It can represent you and the one you love, your house, your feelings. IN this sense you can use it as a gift for Valentine's day or simply to decor your home and give to it some extra atmosphere.

What are your plans for Valentine's day? I hope you have some enjoyable hours with the one(s) you love, to surprise and be surprised... But I have also something else important happening tomorrow: my mom's birthday and so I have to get going and finish something special for her that I'll post obviously tomorrow to preserve the surprise!

Paper dreams to all!

sreda, 9. februar 2011

Romantic candle holder

Are you planing to have a nice Valentine's dinner with your special person? If the answer is yes there is a simple idea that'll help you to decorate the table. I'm pretty sure that in every house there are some old glasses, maybe a last unbroken example that you are keeping? You can decorate it and using it like a candle holder just putting it upside down.

I used a SRM sticker to add also a special message and as they are transparent the effect is like it's written on the glass.

This is just a quick idea. I'm coming with new projects in the next days... Paper dreams to all!

nedelja, 6. februar 2011

Wire heart

I feel inspired to make some love themed projects as Valentine's day is just arround the corner. This time I played with some wire and I made a wire heart. In fact I have to say that the pictures doesn't capture 100% how this heart looks in RL. For making this bubbly heart I used a balloon and simply wrapped it with wire and fixed them also using the palstic ties. Than I popped it and sprayed it with some gold spray to cover the undesired plastic effect of the ties. I also made a hole on the front that allows to see the word "LOVE".
The decoration on the back of the heart is made with Prima flowers and Prima pearls but not very visible in the photos. The alphas are completly covered with glitter and for the arrow I used just a simple dried branch.

I hope you feel loved and consequently inspired! Paper dreams to all!