četrtek, 28. januar 2010


This my LO is about Kian's special spot on his foot. He was born with it and the little thing is growing with him. I think this is something special about him and I wanted a memory of it as in a few years this little noughty spot it's supposed to be taken out to prevent bad surprises. This is the reason I've put a clock in this LO.

Do you like this LO? Because guess what.....I made another one for one of you. Basically is the same but there without the photo and the title, so you can put it on to and decide the theme. If you want it leave me a comment and put the photo of the LO on your blog with a link back here.

Thanks you for joining! I'll pick a winner on 12th of February!

nedelja, 24. januar 2010

Bad day

SO...Kian is taking out the stitches tomorrow. Now, that everything is almost over I decided to make this LO about this unfortunate moment. I wonder sometimes when will Kian start to be more careful :-) After a lost thooth and this one I hope this will never happen again but I think is quite improbable as my son doesn't pay much attention on what is on his way and he's always running. I just hope for the best!!!!!!!!

sreda, 20. januar 2010

I made this box for Polona's birthday. I had the idea from my friend Urška when she gave me the nicest box I ever receved (a few posts back) and I decided to make it as a gift halderbox and a place where later Polona can keep some nice family treasures. In fact I added the "Family tiny treasures box" inscription. I like also the photo (althought it's not very visible) but I did some photoshop work and insted the previous background I've made a starring sky behind the family and I have to say I love the result!

Today I opened the computer and had a bad surprise. There was only a "no signal" incription on my monitor and I couldn't run my computer in any way. I was just trying to manualy unplague it but nothing. But I didn't give up. After some tries I noticed that there wasn't present the usual buzzing and the moment of the switching on. So I took a screwdriver and unscrewed the computer box and vacumed the enourmous amount of dust that was in it. And guess what? After I've put together the box again my pc was perfecly working!!!!!!!!!!! I was so happy!!!!! I cured my computer and with no expences!

nedelja, 17. januar 2010

Writting my story...

Maja, on her amazing blog, tagged me to put down 7 truths about me. Here we go:

Truth No.1: The fluctuation of my mood is abnormal. My husband always says that when he returns home from work he always doesn't know what is waiting for him: a nice and positive fairy or a depressive witch. Yes, I have to admit that my glass can be filled to the top in one moment and empty and broken the next.

Truth No.2: I don't like normal things. I was always attracted of new and unusual. I guess this is the reason I studied sociology because I was intrested why people like to follow the flock. I don't. I have this problem even with the music. I like listening to my fav band and feeling like is something exclusive for me but hate going to the concert where there are thousands of people listening to it.

Truth No. 3: I'm constantly changing. I'm always surprised about this. My deepest fears go away and are replaced with new ones to combat. I let my most strong belives and find new ones. I have to change the colors of my walls at least once a year. I used to have black hair and wanted them blond the next day.

Truth No. 4: I like pets. I can't live without cats and dogs even thought I hate them sometimes. My chihuahua Chili follows me all day long and belive me that is sometimes too much but always better than nothing!!!!

Truth No.5: I don't have a green thumb. Almost every plant that comes in my house is sentenced to death. Despite this I decided to grow my own vegetables in my garden and they are a little bit more lucky than their indoor sisters. My mom is always surprised (as she is a perfect gardner and makes a wonderful plant even from a little dying branch) and she keeps asking me where is the problem:-)

Truth No.6: At home I'm always dressed like a begging clown. I mix colors and like the old and cosy pieces of home clothing and I have to admit that several times when the postman saw me he was laughing at me.

Truth No.7: I'm frequently talking to myself.

I have to tag 7 new truth carriers:
and to everyone that wants to reveal the truth about him/herself but if you do it let me know!!!!!!
And don' forget: everyone is writing his or her own story. Sometimes there is a shiny and happy paragraph and some other time there comes a sad and cold passage but no matter this I'm happy to have the privilege to hold the pen.

sobota, 16. januar 2010

Blogoversary candy winner

I'm doing this quick post for everyone that entered in my blog candy. First of all I have to say that yesterday was a really bad day. In the morning I receved a call from kindy that Kian fell on a chair with the forehead. I run to my boy and after a whole morning in the hospital we finally arrived home but with 6 stitches on his forehead!!!!! It was a nightmare but I'm so happy nothing worse than that happened. I was really scaried and just praying all the time for my little mouse! I was happy once at home and seeing him watching cartoons and playing with his fav toys. I hope things like that will never happen again and that the 2010 will be a good year anyway!

Now it is time to say thank you to everyone who entered in this blog candy and I have to say that I enjoyed reading every single word of your messages. I truely feel your energy and appriciate your presence here!!!

And the winner is.........

True Random Number Generator
Min: 1
Max: 70
Result: 28
Powered by RANDOM.ORG

.......Number 28
Congrats and please send me your address so I can send you the calendar!

Thanks again to everyone and have a great weekend!

petek, 8. januar 2010

Can I have the pink cotton candy

In December there is a traditional funfair in Gorizia in Italy and Kian and me went with some friends to enjoy the lights, the music, the food and the roudabouts. Kian likes a lot going on this fair and he remembered that he had a pink cotton candy and of course also this year we were searching it. We actually had so much fun to listen to a boy that wants a pink cotton candy!

četrtek, 7. januar 2010

Snowflake delight

I already told you about the morning we woke up and the world was covered with the white blanket. Well, here's another page about that moment, Kian and me catching snowflakes. In fact I have to stop sometimes Kian because on the snow he's alwys tempted eating it continuously!! We love the snowflake delight!
I love the word snowflake. I just stamped it with the Top Boss tinted ink pad and the clear ultra thick embossing enamel and a pinch of glitter to make it like ice.
P.S.: Still using the mini mask:-)!

sreda, 6. januar 2010

Birthday cards

Usually I'm not very excited about card making but today it was a perfect occasion to make one because it's my friend's birthday and I think the inspiration just came because of it! I decided to use some pink colour because having a boy I don't have many occasions to use it:-). The thing I like about it is the final embossing that goes throught all three layers of paper. I used also the Heidi Swapp mini mask and I have to confess I was constantly using it lately.

torek, 5. januar 2010


Yuppi!!!!!! We have some snow again and for me this is one of the most beatiful things in the world. We are spending the days outside in the open air and making biiiiiiiiiiiig snowmen!!!! I wanted to share with you some photos and maybe I'll use some of them for new pages!

I want to thank you also Maja, Špela, Suzi and Boja Moja for this Sunshine award. Thank you girls, you made my day as you are doing it everyday with stopping on my blog and building yours as well. I like this amazing net!

sobota, 2. januar 2010

Winter LO

Holidays are over and now I have many photos to make new LO. I've already made two of them. The first one is about Kian preparing the cookies, milk and the carrots for Santa and the reindeer. In fact Kian remembered this thing from the last year and when we returned home from the Christmas eve dinner he got everything ready all by himself!!!!!

The second one is about taking the hot chocolate after being out on the snow. Here snow is very rare and that morning, when we saw that everything outside was covered with snow we immidiatlly dress ourselves and went out and althought it was 7 and a half in the morning I took out my cd player and put on some loud christmas music. There's nothing better than being on the snow with some good music. There will be some others LO's about that day but for now: HOT CHOCOLATE REFRESHEMENT:

I have to say a big thank you to my friend Urška from Celje. She surprised me with a treasure box that she made. Thank you so much my dear...I will take care of this treasure and of our frienship as well.

There is another person that made me smile in this days: Michelle. She sent me some stamps that were just right for my hot chocolate LO and a horse toy for Kian. He is crazy about it!

In the photo you can also see the card Michelle made and when Ii got the package I immidiatly remembered watching it becoming alive on a youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pXGJPQu2D0
Thank you so much girls! You are the best friends!