nedelja, 13. december 2015

Christmas frosty ball

Hello everyone! Christmas is just arround the corner and here is a little christmas ball I did using some of the 7 Gypsies embellishments. I make these kind of ornaments every year and each one has a different surprise inside but of course something that has a strong symbolism of Christmas.

 This year the surprise is a frosty - glass tree. This is from the / Gypsies crystal collection but it's a perfect tiny prescious tree in my opinion.

Also the gear is from 7 Gypsies and the small piece of paper "DECEMBER 25" is from the Christmas collection from Canvas Corp. I also completed this "clock" with a resin semicircle that I did. It's much more prescious in this way and it gives an extra vintage scent.

The paper for the inside is also from Canvas Corp but the snowflake is a tiny treasure from my moms hands.

Enjoy Christmas time !

sreda, 25. november 2015

Christmas canvas

Hello! How are you? I hope you are already in the Christmas mood because there is just a month till Christmas and I think I'm probably late with my Christmas projects but anyway, here is the first one - my Christmas canvas:

  The frosty background is made with Tattered Angels Glimmer mists in various shades of blue and white. I needed another product from TA that was really necessary for this snowy canvas: the High Impact Paint - of course White. The snowflakes are just toothpicked and I also snowed the brances coming out of the canvas with the same product but with just a pinh of baby powder to make it look even more real. 
At Canvas Corp you can find a lot of Christmas paper and from the Christmas collection is also my tag.

Have you heard about the Canvas Corp printed canvas? In my opinion this is a must for this time. On a big piece of canvas printed with christmas symbols you can choose whatever you like the most. I decided for the reindeer, a bird and a skate but there are many more and they make projects so nice and warm.

From Canvas Corp are also the ropes/yarns. I just rolled red and white in a nice lollypop in the centre of canvas. Easy and effective!

 I hope you like my Christmas Canvas. See you soon!

torek, 10. november 2015

Moon Canvas and a pinch of Tuesday's Tutorials

Hello! I have a new canvas to share with you. Yes, another canvas. I cannot help but in this time canvas is just my favorite media. Here is a broken moon on a canvas sky....


  I love my new subject as I left my hearts just rest for a moment. I have to say that the photos are not showing the 3d reality of this canvas because the wire moon totally pops out of the canvas in RL and here is not visible good enough but I love to share my pieces with you anyway.

My canvas is created with the total support of the Canvas Corp, 7 Gypsies and Tattered Angels products. I'm staying faithful to them because they give me a nice traditional way to create and what amuses me even more is that they have always the potential of versatility and this is what I'm searching.
The canvas, the wire, the metal hardware and the papers are from Canvas Corp. The background is made with Tattered Angels Glimmer mists and High Impact white Paint. The Black one was used to color the wire and make even more gothic look. The embelishments are from 7 Gypsies.

Today I also wanted to invite you to visit Tuesday's Tutorials. There is one of my projects there and I know you will find a lot of inspiration there. Marjie Kemper is the artistic capitan and she always find out how to make the Art flow in every way. You have to visit her place.

Thank you Marjie for inviting me to be part of your special place!I hope to take part of your crew soon!

torek, 3. november 2015

Crown canvas

Hello! It's been a while since my last post nut I was very busy with my new book for children and had to postpone a bit of my mixed media creativity. Time really flies.
I have another canvas to share with you. Here it is:


Some very old pieces are included in this one and it was made for a birthday present. A crown had to be included and some precised initials to make the canvas really personal.

As usual I used many Canvas Corp products starting from the canvas itself. I used the Tattered Angels Glimmer mist in the tons of Dragonfly and Sugar Maple and a pinch of Warm Green Simply Sheer from Tattered Angels as well. Some more dimension  give some pieces from the Metal Hardware from Canvas Corp that I really love to use. They are simple but they give something special to my creations.

The branches are made using the Tattered Angels High Impact Black Paint. I simply apply it with a tooth pick to make them thin and irregular.

I hope you like this  canvas too. Have a great autumn.

ponedeljek, 14. september 2015

Another heart canvas

Hello. You will say: again? Well, yes....Here is another canvas with a heart but what can I say - the possibilities are endless and why to stop when the inspiration is going on it's way and suggesting old in a new way. And I have to tell that the canvas was made for two friends for their wedding and no matter how you put it..... love is all you need :-) So here is a canvas in blue and green...

The canvas is from Canvas Corp where you can find them in many sizes and colors. Also the paper is from the same brand and the wire cage on the top of the paper heart. So, it has a double soul and a lot of dimension comes out of this layering.

 The spots are almost self-evident - the famous Glimmer Mist from Tattered Angels. The colors recall the colors of the heart and they are making the perfect background for the dark glow.

The rest is my Gothic Fairytale.....

Still searching the canvas path... So, there will be more. Have a great day!

torek, 1. september 2015

Heart canvas

Hello! Here is another canvas that I made for a friend. This time instead of using paper I used some jute for making the heart. You have a great choice at Canvas Corp regarding materials and this is one of them. To make the heart stable in time I mod-podged it and this procedure is also great because there is no risk of unstitching the fabric.

  I used the yellow, brown and the green  Glimmer mist from Tattered Angels because this project is also my project  as the guest on Words and Paintery   and they are on the marvelous palette.Thanks to Marie for inviting me to take part of your scrapbook vision. I hope someone find some inspiration from my canvas .

For some extra dimension I decided to make the two parts of the heart a bit different so I shadowed one with the diamond screen.

 As my usual procedure I used some metal hardware and some stitching...

A pinch of black  High Impact paint from Tattered Angels so that the branches can grow...

More canvas on the way....

sreda, 22. julij 2015

Puzzle canvas

Hello bloggeres! Another post, another canvas. I feel very productive with this blank surface and I enjoy how it marrys the elements I want to include. This time I decided to make a puzzle initial, just a thought form y friends birthday.

The message for her is to live her life trying to make the perfect life-puzzle for her. It's obvious for everyone that it's hard to have all the pieces right in place to make a perfect picture of life but she can try to slowly shape them to make the puzzle of her life confortable for her. But in the end even if some pieces don't fit perfectly they can still make a wonderful picture.

For the puzzles I simply drawn puzzle pieces on cardboard, cut them out and then covered different pieces with different Canvas Corp patterned paper and cut the paper arround each piece. Than I distressed each piece and used some sanding to make them more rounded.


The embellishment are from 7Gypsies and from Canvas Corp, the background is made withGlimmer mist spots.

 Here is my latest piece but there is already a new canvas under my hands right now. So, see you soon.

nedelja, 5. julij 2015

Initials canvas

Hello!Here is a new fresh canvas I made for friends. I've put together the initials of the whole family and played with some mixed products....

 The initials are made simply cutting out thr letters from some cardboard. Simple, just some pencil dravna letters. Some cuts and then I glued on some nice and lovely patterned paper from Canvas Corp and 7 Gypsies. All in light blue, green and brown. Several embellishments from 7 Gypsies and Canvas Corp. 

 The background is a Tattered Angels Glimmer mist story. I brought the canvas outside and I played in my garden with Glimmer mist rain..... Many colors...

I hope you like it...Have a great summer!

sreda, 13. maj 2015

Canvas tag

Hello! Here I am with aother tag. This time I used some Canvas. In fact I used not onlx canvas but...Canvas Corp ;-)

The base a piece of canvas, misted and distressed with inks. The paper for the background belongs to the great selection of Tattered Angels mistable papers and this one is Textured Vinyl White Perfect for misting and adding texture paste, crackle paint and everything you wish.

The wire also belongs to Canvas Corp more precisely from the Metal HAardware kit. The flowers are misted with Tattered Angels mists - plenty of mixing!!!

I used a piece of canvas also for the banner. The letters are from 7 Gypsies.

Have a great day...