nedelja, 17. januar 2010

Writting my story...

Maja, on her amazing blog, tagged me to put down 7 truths about me. Here we go:

Truth No.1: The fluctuation of my mood is abnormal. My husband always says that when he returns home from work he always doesn't know what is waiting for him: a nice and positive fairy or a depressive witch. Yes, I have to admit that my glass can be filled to the top in one moment and empty and broken the next.

Truth No.2: I don't like normal things. I was always attracted of new and unusual. I guess this is the reason I studied sociology because I was intrested why people like to follow the flock. I don't. I have this problem even with the music. I like listening to my fav band and feeling like is something exclusive for me but hate going to the concert where there are thousands of people listening to it.

Truth No. 3: I'm constantly changing. I'm always surprised about this. My deepest fears go away and are replaced with new ones to combat. I let my most strong belives and find new ones. I have to change the colors of my walls at least once a year. I used to have black hair and wanted them blond the next day.

Truth No. 4: I like pets. I can't live without cats and dogs even thought I hate them sometimes. My chihuahua Chili follows me all day long and belive me that is sometimes too much but always better than nothing!!!!

Truth No.5: I don't have a green thumb. Almost every plant that comes in my house is sentenced to death. Despite this I decided to grow my own vegetables in my garden and they are a little bit more lucky than their indoor sisters. My mom is always surprised (as she is a perfect gardner and makes a wonderful plant even from a little dying branch) and she keeps asking me where is the problem:-)

Truth No.6: At home I'm always dressed like a begging clown. I mix colors and like the old and cosy pieces of home clothing and I have to admit that several times when the postman saw me he was laughing at me.

Truth No.7: I'm frequently talking to myself.

I have to tag 7 new truth carriers:
and to everyone that wants to reveal the truth about him/herself but if you do it let me know!!!!!!
And don' forget: everyone is writing his or her own story. Sometimes there is a shiny and happy paragraph and some other time there comes a sad and cold passage but no matter this I'm happy to have the privilege to hold the pen.

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  1. Res so zanimive te naše zgodbe in na nek način smo se sedaj "slekle" pred vsemi (ki nas berejo ;).
    Tvoj LO pa je fenomenalen. Že slika je umetnost sama po sebi, da ne omenjam vseh stvari, ki si jih dodala in pritegnejo pogled. Pa vendar ostane slika središče pozornosti.

  2. Kako lepo stran si spet ustvarila.Všeč mi je tudi zadnji stavek v objavi.Prav imaš ,res smo lahko srečni, da sami držimo svinčnik s katerim pišemo in rišemo svojo zgodbo.Hvala , ker si me tagala, sem se že razpisala o sebi in se "razglalila" pred blogersko javnostjo:):):)

  3. Svoje resnice si pospremila še s čudovito slikovno ubeseditvijo!

    S tabo se lahko poistovetim v kar precejšnjem številu resnic: zeleni prsti (šli DAAALEČ mimo mene); pogovor sam s sabo: prisoten v vsakdanu, zato je treba poskrbeti, da je ta sogovorec zanimiv, razgledan, iskriv in vse, kar bi si v tistem trenutku želela od koga drugega:) Nihanja v razpoloženjih: včasih hitreje kot kazalci na uri... Ampak vse to nas dela nas same in mislim, da bi se morale večkrat zavedati, da bi lahko bile bolj ponosne nase!!

  4. love this layout. beautiful

  5. Hihi you don'n want to know my truths!!
    Greatings Marleen ;)

  6. this is beautiful... don't you just love telling truths about yourself... I don't know if I'm that brave... let me think about it... and decide if i'm going to do it... thanks for sharing... Also the lo of you is stunning!!! {{hugs}} Michelle