sobota, 17. julij 2010

Do you love me?

New palette in the Color room. This time the main subject on the page is my little chihuahua Chili. I can say she is my first child. Well, before Kian was born she was self confident and she wasn't always searching for attention but after the crucial arrival she changed. From that moment she is always following me (even when I go to the bathroom!!!!!) and searching for any kind of sign of love. She is slowly becoming Kian's friend and she is slowly letting go the intruder image for him. Sometimes when now she goes and sits next to Kian (verrrrry rare!) I can't belive she is slowly accepting him :-)

She is changing and I think this is not so common for dogs. In fact I she surprised me again on a holiday this year. Normally when we went for a swim in the sea she always waited on the beach in the shadow and she never entered in the water by herself but this year she entered in the water as soon as I put my leg in the sea and she was all the time swimming with me!!!!

Yes I do - I love you!!!!

9 komentarjev:

  1. There are times not step over here to tell you that your job is every day more beautiful, each LO wonderful, do not get tired of looking at the details of each.
    You're a great artist, I love your style of doing scrappy!

  2. special...Mr. Dandy is the same way....always jealous if I pay attention to Brookie! LOL!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeee the page....GORGEOUS colors and loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the distressing! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. Tole pa je prav lušna zgodbica in zelo lepo da je tudi ona dobila mesto na tvojem LOju. Super.

  4. Tale vaša Chili je prava faca. In res, luštna zgodbica in zelo prijeten LO. Se mi pa tudi zelo dopade LO, ki si ga naredila za naj spletno stran. In kar kurjo polt sem dobila, ko sem videla odziv, navdušenje z njihove strani:) Super!

  5. This is really beautiful Jana. I can watch it over and over!So much to see!
    Love your inspirational layouts!Makes me wanna scrap immediately!
    Love your story too and that photo is great!!

  6. do you love me - like I love you

    :))) ma ti si kriva, da grem iskat, če je Nick Cave še v moji zbirki :)))

  7. how many ways can you say ADORABLE!!! this is just sooooooooo sweet I love it and the colors are soooooooooo fab!!! and the alligator... how funny is this... Rainee has one just like it... and she loves it... have a lovely lovely day!!!
    {{hugs}} Michelle

  8. Waw, super zgleda. :-)) Kako mi je všeč tvoj stil, pa vsi ti dodatki...

    Če pa na hitro pogledaš sliko tebe s Čili na krokodilu, je kot da vama gre naproti pravi krokodil. haha