sreda, 4. avgust 2010

Newspaper pop out alphas tutorial

What you need:
- chipboard alphas
- mod podge
- cardstock
- paintbrush
- water
- newspaper, music or similar thin paper
- varnish
- hot gun (optional)
- glimmer mist or other liquid paint

Step 1:
Apply some modpodge on the cardstock and glue on the chipboard alphas. Let dry and then apply a coat of varnish on the alphas. This will protect the alphas from soaking the color at the end.

Step 2: Apply a coat of modpodge and spread it on the entire surface to create an adhering surface.

Step 3:
Cover the alphas with the thin paper and spray it with water and wait a little to let the paper soak the water and

Step 4:
Take the paintbrush and go over the alphas insisting slowly on the edges to make the alphas pop out. Don't hurry and tap on the alphas again and again.

Step 5 :
After some delicate work your alphas pop out perfectly. Let dry or use the heat gun.

Step 6:
Apply a coat of varnish on the top of the alphas and let dry. This will prevent the alphas get dirty when you'll glimmer mist them or when applying other color arround them.

Step 7:
Glimmer mist the alphas or drop some paint on the alphas and clean the top of the alphas with some paper towel or a wet paitbrush. And are your newspaper pop out alphas.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and it will serve you in your creating!!!

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  1. this looks like fun THANKS!!!

  2. great idea. looks fantastic.

  3. Jana, thanks so much for this tutorial!! I'll have to try it, just LOVE this technique!!


  4. O, super tutorial, hvala zanj, bo treba sprobat, ker super zgleda!

  5. This is a great technique. Thanks for sharing


  6. This is stunning! Thanks for the tutorial Jana! I will definitely try this one!Love those letters!